G-Dragon has reached international popularity over the last few years and after a final tour with BIGBANG, he has once again gone solo – His latest release being the EP “Kwon Ji Yong”. Using his real name instead of stage name for the records title represents that this is a personal and revealing release. The EP is structured like a play, with an intro, three acts and an outro.

The first song “Middle Fingers-Up (Intro)” is a fun, rebellious pop song. With a bouncy chorus and memorable melody. A song about coping with fame and letting go. “Bullshit (Act 1)” is an aggressive R&B classic. With a great pre-chorus and edgy attitude, this is a highlight of the record. “Super Star (Act III)” is a chilled-out tune about success and the rewards that come with it as well as the lonely aspects. With a crescendo that builds into the final chorus, it a strong entry. “Untitled, 2014 (Act III)” is the lead single and a beautiful, tender love song. With just piano and vocals its expresses a genuine and touching sound. “Diviana Commedia (Outro)” is a dark tune, a commentary on how celebrity life is hollow and lifeless.

G-Dragon has shown a more honest side of himself with “Kwon Ji Yong”, with a blend of pop and R&B he continues to improve and set the golden standard.

“Kwon Ji Yong” is out now via YG Entertainment.

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