This Bryony Williams article was written by Jack Press, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse.

To be consumed by wanderlust is to be overwhelmed by the inordinately passionate desire to travel, to escape from the shackles of modern day life and find yourself out of the moment, lost in translation. For Bryony Williams, her debut EP ‘Wanderlust’ isn’t just a lyrical statement of wanderlust, but a metaphorical test of character as she battles with her musical demons to see which one comes out on top as genre upon genre collides in this five-track tour-de-Bryony.

Opening duo ‘Frequency’ and ‘Table Mountain’ are by far the strongest of the pack, led by a kaleidoscopic summer’s day cocktail of psychedelic undertones; Williams’ inspired-by-the-90’s vocals floating over beautifully, as if taking you from the confines of somewhere mundane to the green grass of a summer’s day.

Whilst ‘Frequency’ and ‘Table Mountain’ are slices of a psychedelic-grunge-meets-indie-pop pie, middle-track ‘Stargaze’ transcends into the records sunset: a mellowing grunge-psych track that strips back the excitement of the opening act and relies on the virtuosity of Bryony Williams’ lyrical talents.

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Admittedly, the lyrical prowess of Bryony Williams masks her youth with words as wise as the owls at night, a hauntingly honest homage to the dark depths of grunge colliding head on with the positive vibrations of indie-psych. ‘Wanderlust’ centres around Williams’ own wanderlust, a desire to escape the confines of everyday life and achieve something more than what’s been set in stone. Williams’ thoughts are as real as it gets in a time where reality TV is the genre of choice for the proletariats of the world: “Where the grass grows, I lay my head/with the stars above I paint the worlds regrets” (‘Table Mountain’).

‘Wanderlust’ is truly a work of art, an onion being tore apart layer for layer: one minute you’ll admire the positive-psychedelic vibes and a minute later you’ll be acknowledging the bare-bones honesty that negatively wraps around the positivity like a snake.

In the closing moments – ‘Grindstone’ and ‘Hidden’ – Williams attempts to find herself, swapping out the psychedelic-grunge indie-pop overtones for a lo-fi slow-core approach which whilst grandiose does nothing for the record but simply highlight the lyrical and vocal talents this young girl possesses. In focusing on finding herself, ‘Wanderlust’ loses touch on what makes it as wonderful as it could be, instead honing in on something that ultimately gets lost in translation.

Nonetheless, ‘Wanderlust’ presents Williams with a statement of intent: a collection of brooding, bubbling, and utterly beautiful songs that promise so much more than it offers in its five tracks.

‘Wanderlust’ is out on the 26th February via Pop Is Dead Records.

Bryony Williams 'Wanderlust' - EP REVIEW

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