Fizzy Blood, an enigmatic five piece from Leeds, are one of only a few bands who can pull off managing to play riffs that filthy you’ll feel like you’ve been snogging the urinal of your local weatherspoons whilst matching the vocals with equally as exciting melodies.

Their latest EP “Summer of Luv” is no different to this, after three years of thrashing around venue spaces near you, their message is heard loud and clear.

It opens with a track called “Pawn”, which has a tyrannous disregard for your eardrums as it’s impossible to listen to without cranking up the volume and cracking the concrete in your walls. Despite the drilling tempo this track will leave you slugging those thighs high around your bedroom with its grinding breakdowns and chaotic choruses.

From stomping to spinning this EP takes another twist with the second track, ADHD. Starting off with the infectious tune of a funk filled guitar this self-help infused track is up and down more than a dog on speed – and it has the bite to match.

These five tracks are split in half perfectly, with Haunted standing out like a thorn in the centre, as though the other tracks simply revolve around it. Slow and sharp the beginning builds tension within your chest before this letter of love gently blows your blood from your heart to your head as it’s bound to be swinging by the end. The lyrics display a story of self-medication and the calm that destructive methods of control can provide, it’s definitely matched by the sporadic bursts of reverb as it all pounds out of control.

The second half of the EP is fully encapsulated by the title track Summer of Luv as it breaks into a lo-fi electronic tune. It’s hard to find a tune that fully pumps that warm summer vibe but this one most certainly one for the car with friends and the soft breeze pulling through your hair. This theme carries on as the curtains close with Healing Isn’t Free, it’s off kilter barrage of sludge is interrupted consistently by a upbeat floor filling melody that’s presented in the perfect juxtaposition.

All in all, Fizzy Blood have put a lot of work into this EP and their efforts are apparent. This absolute roller-coaster of sound will be left bouncing around our brains for weeks and we think it will be ricocheting around yours too. Don’t just take what we’re saying as the absolute truth, find out for yourself right now as Summer of Luv is available now on Killing Moon / Ayla Records

If you’re as into this band as we are, I’d seriously recommend getting down to a show and witness the carnage.

22nd Sep – Kamio, London (Phil Taggart’s Slacker Night)

23rd Sep – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg (GE)

11th November – Lenmania Festival, Tufnell Park Dome, London

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