There’s been a fizzy, fuzzy storm brewing since Leeds’ Fizzy Blood burst onto the scene a few years back. Fusing synth samples with three guitars, bass and drums, they very much feel like the next stage in the evolution of British rock. It’s a sound that’s familiar enough to appeal to the masses, but fresh enough to get very excited about. ‘Pink Magic’ is the third EP of their discography and it now feels more like an album tease than a band that’s testing the water.

The title track is a pulsating ordeal, with a very gradual crescendo. The main line of “I am the last man standing” is tailor-made singalong with tight drums and calculated guitar parts from start to finish. It’s solid, it’s catchy and it is very, very cool. Bonus points are gained from the flamingo-embroidered jumpsuits in the single’s music video.

‘CFO’ is something of an anti-love song, as Benji opens with the admission, “I wrote a love song for you. Was it wrong that I changed my mind? ‘Cause love is only for fools.”  Stylistically, vocals are more distorted and the choruses are bigger; it’s sure to pack a punch live.

‘Strangers’ has more of an atmospheric feel, with huge amounts of reverberation at play behind the vocals and main guitar part. There is a similar uncertainty towards love in the lyrics, as it the chorus mopes, “Your silhouette looks kind of lonely. Could it use some company? But i can never tell…” 

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The release closes with the more upbeat ‘Illusions’. With verses involving some cheeky “do, do, do”s and choruses wailed from the bottom of the lungs, it is the epitome of what Fizzy Blood are in the process of mastering: that great middle ground between toe-tapping pop-rock and pulse-raising alt-rock.

Last year’s ‘Summer Of Luv’ EP caused a real ruckus, and this year’s release has proven to be another string to the five-piece’s bow. With three EPs now under their belt, you can’t help but feel that their debut album will have an impact reminiscent of a Mentos being dropped into a bottle of coke.

‘Pink Magic’ by Fizzy Blood is out now via Killing Moon & Alya Records.

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