The Wealden - 'Rushes' EP
The Wealden - 'Rushes' EP

EP REVIEW : The Wealden – ‘Rushes’ EP

The Wealden - 'Rushes' EP

When discussing ‘The Wealden’ with friends, colleagues or complete strangers I think it would be safe to say that at this point in time a shrug of the shoulders, a nonplussed look or even the comment “who?” would be the response. I’m confident that may be about to change though.

So who are ‘The Wealden’, where are they from and what on earth do they want? Allow me to answer those questions and offer a little more as a bonus.

‘The Wealden’ combines the creative forces of two of the most in-demand musicians in the UK, composer ‘Justin Quinn’ and songwriter ‘Tim Dickinson’. The duo are to confirm their ‘in-demand’ moniker shortly with the extremely impressive ‘Rushes’ EP (out on the 20th April 2015). This 4-track taster is a mixed bag of genres, experimentation and quite stunning vocals (layered and otherwise) that offer something very different to the mainstream tat that seems to be frequenting my inbox this morning.

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This refreshing sound conforms to no strict rules here. Each track seems to offer something a little different than the one before it and each seem to have their own individual swagger. Stand-out track ‘Lifeline’ (and boy is it good) has a real early Franz Ferdinand feel to it but the duo have been clever enough to add their own individual stamp. Check out the video (above) as I promise it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

‘Boyband’ has a more indie-pop feel to it and has quite brilliant lyrics … “I want to make friends with people, make sure somebody tells them”. This is credible song-writing that doesn’t seem to diminish any after each listen.

“My Sign” and the slightly solemn “Blue and Gold” finish off things and both would easily grace most Radio playlists such is their likability.

What a fantastic mixed bunch of tracks ‘The Wealden’ have given us. This self-released EP should be picked up by all who crave clever song-writing.

The full track-listing for the ‘Rushes’ EP is…



‘My Sign’

‘Blue and Gold’

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The Wealden - 'Rushes'