EP REVIEW : Teenage Love – Gold
EP REVIEW : Teenage Love – Gold

EP REVIEW : Teenage Love – Gold

This ‘Teenage Love’ article was written by Felix Milburn, a GIGsoup contributor

Teenage Love is made up of electronic music producer Anna Lidell from Copenhagen and violinist Katy Gunn from New York, whose debut EP ‘Gold’ essentially sounds like two friends having fun. Their music is sweet and cheerful, and Teenage Love’s electronic indie-pop at times feel like acts such as St.Vincent, but perhaps with less focus and a little less personality (which is understandable given that St.Vincent has had around a decade longer to establish her own unique sound.) Only five tracks deep and just under 20 minutes long, ‘Gold’ is a nice little burst of optimism and energy that serve as a reminder of how refreshing pop music can sometimes feel.

‘I Think I’m Falling in Love (With You)’ is the first track on this EP, and it’s also it’s weakest. Opening the track with classical influences, the track quickly intoduces a Postal Service style beat, essentially paving the way for the songs to come. The melody and production on this track feel almost overwhelmingly sweet, but the song is salvaged by the vocals which are absolutely spot on (as they are on the rest of the EP.) ‘Lazer Eyes’ has an interesting minimalist sounding beat that works great with the vocals, but it feels cluttered and would benefit from a few less things going that only distract from those interesting layers. Its understandable that Teenage Love want to make the most of Gunn’s violin playing but it only feels unnessicary on this track.

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The last three songs on ‘Gold’ are where the quality really starts to pick up. The EP’s title track is it’s best, and resembles the quirky art-pop of Dirty Projectors and the goofy celebrations found in Tune Yards’ music. It makes complete sense as the lead single, simultaniously being catchy, intreguing and fantastically executed. ‘Deserted Places’ serves as the most confident and laid back track, sounding the most like it could be by an already established act, and the final song ‘Life is Short, Make a Mess’ is sure to leave a lasting impression. It’s hard not to find Teenage Love adorable on this track, which would work well as the theme song of a quirky Cartoon Network series. The lyrics and title, as well as the juvenile melody and production serve to summerize the bands fun and altogether innocent sound.

The production on ‘Gold’ at times feels too polished and inorganic, like the group are too afriad of steering away from their clean-cut electro approach. As great as this EP is at times, it’s easy to tell that this is a group in their early stages of development in terms of their sound, which will hopefully be more refined on future releases. But that only serves to prove how exciting it is to see what they do next. This release is highly recommended to anyone looking for an unconventional but ultimately fun electro tinged indie-pop record. “You don’t know me at all” Gunn sings on ‘Lazer Eyes’. Well ‘Gold’ seems to make a pretty good first impression.

The ‘Gold EP’ is out now. The full track-listing is…

‘I Think I’m Falling In Love (With You)’

‘Lazer Eyes’


‘Deserted Places’

‘Life Is Short, Make a Mess’

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EP REVIEW : Teenage Love – Gold