EP REVIEW : Strangejuice – ‘Jalapeño Sun’

This ‘Strangejuice’ article was written by Evie Myers, a GIGsoup contributor

Strangejuice may not sound like a conventional name for an artist, but in this case it is aptly chosen by musician Mike Anderson. Being a composer since 1998, he shows great vocal skills and lyrical content while comfortably working a variety of instruments to create something unexpectedly beautiful. The independent artist from Perth, Australia shows that being a solo artist isn’t always a hindrance to the art of creating great music. Jalapeno Sun is the latest in a vast discography for Anderson.

The EP begins with Jalapeno Sun, an electro Indie song with catchy if slightly unconventional lyrics. But this remains part of Strangejuice‘s charm and this song has an infectious quality, with a bold, foot stomping beat running throughout. This could easily find itself being an anthem. A real attention grabbing start to the release.

We Are Bees seems like one of those songs with an intended message if you listen carefully to the lyrics. At a slower pace than its predecessor, We Are Bees packs less of a punch but is pleasant to listen to nonetheless. The vocal harmonies are beautiful and the hum of bees resonating under the guitar gives you a little something extra to smile about.

Henry’s Fire is an odd array of electro, rap and Indie all mixed together but surprisingly, it works. It distances itself from all the other songs in terms of genre but it showcases more of Anderson’s talent and vocals. Anderson’s vocal range truly shines in Cuckoo Bells, as he effortlessly reaches higher pitches and offers an unexpected, heavier guitar riff towards the end of the song.

Finally, the EP closes with Let Me Paint your Picture, a simple yet powerful acoustic song featuring some stunning female guest vocals. The two voices complement each other perfectly, which only adds to the feeling of amour intended for this piece. This song shows Anderson at his finest as his soft vocals bring these poetic lyrics to life, creating a ballad worthy of any respected rom-com.

Overall, this release is a well accomplished, eclectic piece of work. Anderson’s background in film and television composing really shines through in Jalapeno Sun. It is no wonder he is a respected artist as his degree of professionalism is clearly evident in this EP.

Jalapeno Sun is now available under Strangejuice’s independent label.

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EP REVIEW : Strangejuice - 'Jalapeño Sun'