EP REVIEW : Reverieme - 'Or Else the Light'
EP REVIEW : Reverieme - 'Or Else the Light'

EP REVIEW : Reverieme – ‘Or Else the Light’

This ‘Reverieme’ article was written by John Richardson, a GIGsoup contributor

Scottish indie act Reverieme are a band that revels in simplicity, having only recently recruited more than two members. In their latest EP, Or Else the Light, this simplicity has been used to craft an elegant, honest selection of acoustic songs, each full of almost Dylan-esque imagery and a wistful tone that makes it such a satisfying listen.

The whole EP sounds as though it is being played live in your living room, such is the honesty and authenticity of tone that Connell’s vocals and acoustic guitar create. Clearly audible are the sounds of her fingers sliding along the strings and her voice sounds so natural and effortless, it is far removed from the often over-produced and over worked offering from some bands. Other instruments are used sparingly to compliment the fantastic resonance between Connell’s guitar and vocals, cellos and accompanying guitars fitting in seamlessly, enhancing the sound while keeping to the minimalist doctrine. Every note played is carefully chosen and placed as if by the hands of a master craftsman, each instrument coming together to sound as one.

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The tone is a wistful one throughout, the themes of the passing of time and of longing are ever present, established as beautiful words in beautiful melodies, it is a coherent collection of songs that seem to belong together. This coherence could have been pushed too far however as some of the songs do begin to sound similar and almost monotonous at times. This is thankfully not to too great of a degree and with the EP’s middle track, the outstanding “Golem”, breaking from the moody, nostalgic sounds of the earlier songs and introducing a much more hopeful and up tempo tone the EP remains varied and interesting.

Or Else the Light is a fantastic example of minimalistic yet evocative music, reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska album in both its style and quality. Reverieme have shown that they are true artists with this outstanding EP, creating something that is enjoyable at both a superficial and a much deeper level.

‘Or Else the Light’ is out now on Wardlaw Music

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EP REVIEW : Reverieme - 'Or Else the Light'