EP REVIEW : Reno McCarthy – 'Man of the City’
EP REVIEW : Reno McCarthy – 'Man of the City’

EP REVIEW : Reno McCarthy – ‘Man of the City’

This ‘Reno McCarthy’ article was written by Sam Melrose, a GIGsoup contributor

EP REVIEW : Reno McCarthy – 'Man of the City’Reno McCarthy was born in Cambridge, UK in 1995 and raised in Montreal where he discovered his flare for all things musical. On October 25th 2013, Reno self-released his debut EP ‘Components of a Happy Life’, and now, two years later McCarthy has released his EP ‘Man of the City’ (August 14, 2015). Reno proves his proficiency in a studio environment having written, recorded, produced, mixed AND mastered all the tracks on the EP himself as well as designing the artwork.

And if the above is not enough, he also validates his aptitude as a multi-instrumentalist responsible for the vocals, guitar, drums, keyboard and synthesiser on the majority of the tracks. An endless stream of talents it would seem!

The EP is full of themes of youth, a series of young adult narratives, kicking off the EP with the title track ‘Man of the City’, jam packed with driving rhythms, strong vocals and solid lead guitar.

‘Just About to Get Happy’ has a John Mayer-esque quality while also channelling an ‘80s vibe. ‘They’re at it again’ has a strong focus on the off-beat, with an unmistakable funk feel certainly the perfect setting for a song depicting young lust. ‘I Think We Love Each Other’ is more of the same but with more flare and intensity exposing a more passionate element. The final track on the EP, ’So’ is definitely the track with the most character with its catchy chorus, tight rhythms, and backing vocals following a decidedly more defined pop route.

Although essentially a dance rock album, McCarthy dips into a number of genres and styles such as alternative dance, rock, disco, funk, Indie, jazz and his most recent venture, pop. Reno has been gaining increasing amounts of attention, and rightly so as he continues to prove his dedication to his music and his fans. The artist seems to be gaining an ever more diverse audience showing his competency with such a varied spectrum of styles.

McCarthys EP is characterised by his tight rhythm section, funky rhythms, catchy hooks and mature vocals. His desire to make ‘people smile and dance’, is striking as he engages with his audience which this EP certainly achieves, an altogether raw EP brimming with energy and potential.

‘Man of the City’ is out now

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EP REVIEW : Reno McCarthy – 'Man of the City’