EP REVIEW : The Pinstripe Pigeon Band - 'Sound Asleep EP'
EP REVIEW : The Pinstripe Pigeon Band - 'Sound Asleep EP'

EP REVIEW : The Pinstripe Pigeon Band – ‘Sound Asleep EP’

This ‘Pinstripe Pigeon Band’ article was written by Hannah Parker, a GIGsoup contributor.

‘Sound Asleep’ is the sixth EP from Preston born six piece band, ‘The Pinstripe Pigeon Band’. Though the band’s name isn’t one that rolls off the tongue, this EP should certainly start to cause nods of recognition in musical circles.

An eclectic pop collective, ‘The Pinstripe Pigeon Band’ successfully manage to expose funkadelia, electro-pop, feeling and fun into just under 20 minutes. Much of the EP aims to show off Kirsty Harvey’s beautiful voice and the bands clear talent for creating intelligent music with a spark of “something different”, with tracks that are modern, understated and fresh.

If there’s one thing this release is not, it’s static. The first three tracks are similar in style, toe-tapping and breezy with a vivacious feeling. There’s a degree of 70’s and 90’s pop with the use of synths and catchy choruses, but they are executed perfectly with Harvey’s fantastic vocals. The last two tracks allow the EP slow proceedings down a little and create some of the most interesting sounds, especially ‘It’s You’ which includes a hypnotising guitar solo.

The final and longest track of the EP, ‘I Sleep Cos It’s Easier’ is a offers a wonderful crescendo to the EP and simply cannot go unmentioned as it manages to create a completely different tone to the EP. This piano ballad likens Harvey’s voice — at moments —to that of dance-pop, synth-pop Swedish singer Robyn. It would be tempting on the initial listen to dismiss this track from the remainder of the EP, but on inspection the lyrics and the instrumentation offer haunting and touching moments. What originally sounds like a sombre creation transforms as the rawness of Harvey’s voice exposes a pain that really allows the music to connect with the listener.

It’s hard not to appreciate ‘Sound Asleep’ from a musical level as it showcases the impressive portfolio the band offer. With a tongue twister of a band name, ‘The Pinstripe Pigeon Band’ this latest EP just could be the one to introduce the group to a wider audience.

‘Sound Asleep EP’ is out now

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EP REVIEW : The Pinstripe Pigeon Band - 'Sound Asleep EP'