EP REVIEW : Outblinker - 'Pink/Blue' EP
EP REVIEW : Outblinker - 'Pink/Blue' EP

EP REVIEW : Outblinker – ‘Pink/Blue’ EP

This ‘Outblinker’ article was written by Calum Farquharson, a GIGsoup contributor

A captivating violation of your sensibilities seems like the most accurate way to describe ‘Pink/Blue’, the debut release from Glasgow collective, Outblinker. Formed at the start of the year, the instrumental quintet have crafted two truly mesmerising tracks which are equally bursting at the seams with mind-bending melodies, adrenaline drenched rhythms and sonic depth that goes on for centuries.

’Pink’ is wild, and I mean that in the best way possible. It opens with a repetitive yet hypnotic synth melody, accompanied by a filtered fuzz guitar which is both subtle and galvanising in its ascension. However, before you even have time to swig your beverage of choice, you find yourself knee deep in kraut influenced synth destruction. The erratic yet compelling drum arrangements unapologetically propel this track into another dimension, which unequivocally leaves the listener craving more. There’s an endless supply of electro-glitch style patterns entwining flawlessly for the duration of this track and one listen simply doesn’t do the sonic qualities of this piece justice. Just listen, forever.

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The second track, ‘Blue’ provides some breathing space in its approach. Beginning with a percussive synth pattern alongside some modulated dialogue, this section wouldn’t sound completely out of place on a Public Service Broadcasting record. Despite the contrary, when this track hits the apex, we are instantaneously dropped back into disquietude, experiencing that signature sound that was so expertly constructed in the previous track. Cinematic, haunting and enchanting, the closing three minutes of ‘Blue’ act as a colossal finale to an outstanding debut release. ‘Pink/Blue’ is a luminous example of the artistic vision and talent that Outblinker possess.

My ears are bleeding in anticipation for the next release.

Pink/Blue is out now on Good Grief Records/GabuAsso

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Pink/Blue EP