EP REVIEW : Luke Sital-Singh - 'The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow'
EP REVIEW : Luke Sital-Singh - 'The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow'

EP REVIEW : Luke Sital-Singh – ‘The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow’

This ‘Luke Sital-Singh’ article was written by Jess Emery, a GIGsoup contributor

One man and his guitar. On the surface, you may be wondering how Sital-Singh can possibly hope to continue making music when he’s competing in an genre that is already so over-subscribed. The answer for Sital-Singh, however, is quite simple.

Following on from his 2014 debut album, The Fire Inside, Sital-Singh’s new EP embodies a much more sorrowful tone. With The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow, Sital-Singh manages to move away from the pop vibes of his previous singles in order to focus on more poignant, heartfelt melodies that force his listeners to empathise with his plights.

Whilst talking about the writing process of his songs, Sital-Singh admitted that he became too focused on the ‘process’ of writing. What he therefore decided to do was to write songs that came from his heart. He aimed to write songs that ‘didn’t shout for attention’ or felt forced, but sought to write songs that came naturally to him in order to make the difficult processing stage feel like it was all worthwhile. The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow is the result of this decision. By placing emphasis on himself and his feelings, Sital-Singh manages to bring his listeners in close as he shares some of his deepest emotions and thoughts – with I Was Low being the very embodiment of this tone. While the remainder of the EP is slightly more upbeat, the singer-songwriter still manage to elicit his feelings through their powerfully encapsulating delivery and insightful lyrics.

This is a likeable release and shows an altogether different side to Sital-Singh. Although lacking some fruition, the songs from The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow provide us with promising content and a clear sign that there is room in the aforementioned genre for an artist who exudes an effortless abundance of talented.

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EP REVIEW : Luke Sital-Singh - 'The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow'