EP REVIEW : Old House Playground - 'The Great Escape EP'
EP REVIEW : Old House Playground - 'The Great Escape EP'

EP REVIEW : Old House Playground – ‘The Great Escape EP’

This ‘Old House Playground’ review was written by Nick Roseblade, a GIGsoup contributor.

EP REVIEW : Old House Playground - 'The Great Escape EP'If you like Nick Cave you might like The Great Escape by Manchester’s Old House Playground. Well, this might not be entirely true. While you might enjoy the overall sound, you’ll realise that this is pretty much a trio thinking it would be cool to be a mixture of the Birthday Party and Bad Seeds. There is plenty of 1950’s twang and Rockabilly which is great and slightly different from the source material. Ultimately though Tryfon Lazos’ vocals and storytelling are ok but it’s all a bit 2-D next to Cave and Co.

The main problem with this EP is after two tracks you are bored. It’s the same thing, over and over and over again. While there isn’t anything wrong with the playing, far from it, Old House Playground are ample and proficient at playing their instruments and creating the ambience needed for each track, there is little change in sound.

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Even when they switch to acoustic instruments, it sounds all too familiar. There is a good band in here, but at the moment they sound like Manchester’s premier Nick Cave tribute band throwing in a couple of their own to test the water before committing on a full scale voyage.

The full track-listing for ‘The Great Escape’ EP is as follows…

‘Polite Fiction’


‘All Day Today’

‘The Great Escape’

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EP REVIEW : Old House Playground - 'The Great Escape EP'