EP REVIEW : In Evil Hour – 'Built on Our Backs EP'
EP REVIEW : In Evil Hour – 'Built on Our Backs EP'

EP REVIEW : In Evil Hour – ‘Built on Our Backs EP’

This ‘In Evil Hour’ article was written by Tim Jones, a GIGsoup contributor.

EP REVIEW : In Evil Hour – 'Built on Our Backs EP'The North East of England has been quietly building up a punk scene of considerable worth in recent years. Darlington’s In Evil Hour are a shining example of this.

Built on Our Backs is a six-track EP which the band released to coincide with their recent appearance at Blackpool’s Rebellion Festival.

The band go from strength to strength and this latest offering is easily their best yet.

For the uninitiated, In Evil Hour have taken punk and hardcore and wrapped it around a brick which they throw straight into your face with great ferocity. In a good way.

This EP is jammed full of catchy and, dare I say, anthemic songs that the band have managed to crowbar a load of energy into. It’s full of angst-ridden, melodic vocals and musicianship that disproves anyone’s theory that punk is “just noise”.

Opener, Progress, grabs hold of you and throws you around the room with its muscular, Ignite-esque riffage and the thrill ride continues with five more tracks of brutal genius.

In Evil Hour have proven that they’re right up there with the big guns, having supported such legends as The Misfits, H2O and MDC, and the signs are that they’re only going to keep getting better.

There might be some elements you’d expect from a punk release here – most notably the big woah-oh-oh-type singalongs – but that’s in no way a criticism.

In fact the only criticism I can offer of this EP is it that at just over a quarter of an hour it isn’t long enough. My opinion would be the same though if it had been a 40-track behemoth double album release.

In Evil Hour are possibly the best thing to come out of Darlington since Stephenson’s Locomotion in 1825 and Built on Our Backs needs to be on your playlist immediately.

Built on Our Backs is out now on Snayle Records

Full track listing:


Blood and Majesty

Built on Our Backs


Bright Lights


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EP REVIEW : In Evil Hour – 'Built on Our Backs EP'