EP REVIEW : Elasea - 'Where I Belong EP'
EP REVIEW : Elasea - 'Where I Belong EP'

EP REVIEW : Elasea – ‘Where I Belong EP’

This ‘Elasea’ article was written by Jess Emery, a GIGsoup contributor

Originally starting out as a local cover band that acquired fans from their YouTube videos, Berkshire based rock quartet Elasea – now a three-piece after Jevon Smith, their talented drummer, sadly had to leave the group for personal reasons – have gained some well-deserved support from BBC Introducing recently. Their achievements in the past year have ultimately led to them releasing their new EP which they hope will no doubt expand their audience further.

With each of the band’s members bringing a variety of different influences to the EP, Where I Belong takes its inspiration from numerous mainstream rock bands. From Mallory Knox to Lower Than Atlantis and even, perhaps because of the vocals, from Panic! At the Disco to Elliot Minor, Elasea manage to bring a variety of different rock elements into the EP that enable it to reach out to wide mix of listeners.

Starting off with the anthemic track ‘Glass Heart’, the EP moves effortlessly across different tempos and tones which enable Elasea to display their diverse talents and distinctive melodies. The concoction of influences manifested in the EP does, unfortunately, mean that it fails to lack some continuity. Where I Belong seems to jump across genres as its songs progress from the harsh vocals and heavy guitar distortion of ‘Time Against Us’ into the more mellow and acoustic tones of ‘On the Line’.  What they lose in continuity however, they gain in additivity. The title track from the EP contains unique guitar riffs that ring out beneath the vocals and, despite being different to some of the other songs, ‘On the Line’ manages to develop powerfully with the female vocalist adding a nice tone to the otherwise male-dominated vocals on the rest of the EP. Every song brings something fresh and, although perhaps a bit too sporadic genre-wise, it does prevent the release from becoming too monotonous.

Overall, it is a promising release that contains addictive songs, melodic riffs and powerful vocals. It combines elements of punk, metal and alternative rock to provide its listeners with songs that are both unique and diverse. It is a strong start for this up and coming band that will hopefully widen their fan base and increase their popularity.

The ‘Where I Belong EP’ is out now

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EP REVIEW : Elasea - 'Where I Belong EP'