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The vastness of space has often provided artists with a blank canvas; infinite possibilities, infinite directions, unrestricted by the laws of reality. The Devil Wears Prada’s ‘Space’ EP, however, has blown up before it reaches the Moon.

One of many metalcore bands to find popularity in the mid 2000’s, Ohio’s The Devil Wears Prada has found mainstream success, and favourable reviews, with albums charting in the Top 10 on the US Billboard. Unfortunately, their latest effort doesn’t quite make it to launch. With annoyingly obvious song titles such as ‘Alien’ and ‘Asteroid’, the 6-song EP showcases nothing new, to the genre and to their own backlog of songs. While there is merit to sticking to tried and tested formulas, with a pseudo concept such as the infinite universe, one would expect more than just tacking on old transmissions between Mission Control and the Apollo missions at the beginning of the first track.

While it might be a trope of the genre, musically most of the songs are exceedingly similar (with the exception of the interlude at track 4). Whether or not you liked or didn’t like the first track, there are no surprises on what’s coming next. If you snap half way through any of the songs, you’ll be hard pressed to identify which one you’re listening to. In terms of production, the guitars are suitably beefy, and the tightness of the band is to be commended. The trademark metalcore guitar tone is here in droves – the buzzy, dropped down tuned guitars that any fan of scream/metalcore can recognize in an instant. While the clean vocals are a high point of the album, lead vocalist Mike Hranica’s screams sound like a sixteen-year-old boy who’s just formed his first band after seeing Bring Me The Horizon at Warped Tour.

With a title like ‘Space’ you’re already promising a lot. What is delivered, however, is an unimaginative set of songs that are indistinguishable, from themselves and even from lesser bands. With albums like Killswitch Engage’s ‘As Daylight Dies’ and Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘ There is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret’ being powerhouses of ingenuity and bravado within metalcore, there’s enough proof that the genre has some genuinely great musical offerings. ‘Space’, however, is going to be just for die-hard fans.

The ‘Space EP’ is out on the 21st August 2015, via Rise Records

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EP REVIEW : The Devil Wears Prada – ‘Space EP’

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