EP REVIEW : My Cruel Goro - 'My Cruel Goro'
EP REVIEW : My Cruel Goro - 'My Cruel Goro'

EP REVIEW : My Cruel Goro – ‘My Cruel Goro’

This ‘My Cruel Goro’ article was written by Rebecca Bradley, a GIGsoup contributor

My Cruel Goro, a fresh three-piece alternative-rock/indie band from Iceland and Italy, release their debut self-titled EP on 3rd August 2015. With only three tracks on the EP, and only one breaking over 3 minutes, it is in truth a little difficult to understand their style but there is obvious potential

The three tracks, ‘Clash’, ‘Crapford’ and ‘Glue Buzz’ have typical juvenile names that are full of attitude, giving the sense that this is a young band that do not have a specific message to convey and are just having fun discovering their sound. ‘Clash’ is fast-paced and hard-hitting, both qualities you would expect from an intro track. Maraschi’s vocals have a rough ‘I don’t care’ quality, captivating the listener and blending rather well with the loud, noisy punk melodies.

‘Crapford’ follows – interestingly named but don’t let that put you off – softer in comparison to ‘Clash’ but still contains the rough vocals with the same punk sound. Although both tracks give off similar vibes, they do not fall into the trap of sounding the same, a potential killer to new bands.

The final track, ‘Glue Buzz’, is the longest of the three, reaching out to 5 minutes, and is the strongest. It only has over a minute of lyrics, but the remainder is a fantastic full-on jam session with an enriching build-up which is sure to become a crowd pleaser.

The EP does not fall into the predicament of all tracks sounding the same; however with only three tracks – and two falling short of 3 minutes – it is difficult to come to a full conclusion with regards to ‘My Cruel Goro’. It is clear they are still in the early stages of development and finding their sound. The lyrics are at times weak but the sound is fresh and energising – there is clear potential and the band will clearly mature with each release.

The ‘My Cruel Goro’ EP is out on the 3rd August 2015 on Rebel Waltz Records

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EP REVIEW : My Cruel Goro - 'My Cruel Goro'