The Computers ‘Want the News? Here’s the Blues.’ – EP REVIEW

This The Computers article was written by John Gittins, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Siobhan Scarlett.

The Computers, gained notoriety two years ago as they supported The Heavy on their UK Tour. Their energetic performances including: diving into the audience, climbing up the walls, baptising people into their new church of The Computers, contrasts greatly to their schematically implied group name. A constant contradiction by nature and a surprisingly energetic act, their new EP ‘Want the News? Here’s the Blues’ complies with their catalogue.

The leading single of the same name, opens with ferocious drums and vocalist Alex Kershaw’s signature howls of reconciliation. A twangy guitar tone, funky melody and accompaniment kicks the EP off as a strong contender for their best track to date. The second verse breakdown feels a little basic. This is maybe too commercial which leads to a sparse pre-chorus, but soon makes up for it with a familiarity in surging synthesizers and a return to the density.

‘Crucifixed on You’ takes a leaf from The Heavy’s book, with a repeated bluesy ostinato that bends around a prominent bass line, before leading into a chorus that fluctuates in timbre between density and sparseness. What follows is an attempt at a classic overdriven solo, which falls victim to the common ‘fret wanking’ technique. The tactics The Computers use to achieve their material aren’t revolutionary by any means, but it’s surprising and refreshing to hear them try it out. They sound ordered and determined, distant to their past sporadic and energetic sound which they crafted at the start of their careers.

‘Whip It’ begins with a hilarious whip sample, calling back to a hybrid sound of 80s synthesizers and Nashville rock. The song takes on a parody of wackiness and tasteful humour, with a number of possible connotations. Hardly a leading track, but still an essential factor of The Computers live sound which enlightens the audiences experience.

The wild card of the EP is the closing statement; ‘It’s Over You’, a beautiful enriched track, with empty reverb and electronically powered minimalism. It varies so much to the sound of the EP that it feels out of place. Emotional, lonely and synthetic, it’s a surprising change to The Computers linear motives. Although the structure is on point, it’s ultimately let down by Alex’s limited range. Despite this, it adds a nuance of emotion. Otherwise it’s a cold and estranged end to a well sought after EP that highlights the talent of the band with only the most minimal effort.

‘Want The News? Here’s The Blues’ is available now via One Little Indian Records.