Marcus Marr & Chet Faker ‘Work’ – EP REVIEW

This Marcus Marr & Chet Faker article was written by Alexandra Daskalova, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Samantha Melrose.

Australian Electronica musician Chet Faker, recognised for his award-winning track ‘Talk is Cheap’ (2014), and the hugely successful collaboration EP with Flume in 2013 among other excellencies, has been very busy this year as well.  Being on his current Built On 2015 Live tour in Australia, the singer-songwriter has teamed up with London DJ Marcus Marr for the end of the year. They will astonish fans with a four-track EP ‘Work’ followed by a three-day tour in California.  The preview for it, ‘The Trouble with Us’ is out and has been leading dance and indie charts in Australia. Naturally, the track is funky and pleasantly reminiscent of careless summer days.

The full EP was produced in only several days at Marr’s London studio. At first, it seems that ‘Birthday Card’ and ‘Learning for Your Love’ are to a small degree similar to each other. But, no doubt they have the attributes to be the next dance floor favourites. Marr’s instrumental contribution to ‘Birthday Card’ are the uplifting and lively beats, fittingly slowed down by the deep vocals and emotional lyrics of Chet Faker. ‘Learning for Your Love’ is somewhat more cheerful but a bit repetitive lyric-wise. To the listener’s satisfaction, both tracks have this uninhibited manner of being energised and focused as it might be suggested by the title of the EP itself.

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The last piece ‘Killing Jar’ is clearly a downbeat tune, magnified by the recognisable Chet Faker vocal and writing talent. It’s precisely suiting those preferring his original style. Marcus Marr brings the balance to preserve the sense of tranquillity through a memorable beat that complements the moods so characteristic of his music partner.

On the whole, ‘Work’ illustrates how the two musicians have managed to exit their comfort zones to try out something new. In an interview with The Boiler Room, it becomes clear that the idea of an EP in common came spontaneously, including the exchange of numerous voice memos and the learning of new skills for both. Marcus Marr didn’t know much in backing vocals but he says for this experience: “I really loved it. I want to do more!”. While Chet Faker’s arousing curiosity for dance music and the disregard to strictly conceptual sections of a track, proves to deliver unexpectedly good results.

‘Work’ is out on the 4th December via Downtown Records.

Marcus Marr & Chet Faker ‘Work’ - EP Review