William Control 'The Pale' - EP REVIEW

William Control ‘The Pale’ – EP REVIEW

With the immediacy of the modern world in which consumerism is at the edge of everyone’s fingertips, has William Control found the future of music release? Instead of releasing a full-length album as most established artists might do, he chose to split his music into quad-series of mini records titled under Revelations: the first being ‘The Pale’.

Leading single ‘The Monsteris without shadow of a doubt, the most upbeat of this release. Quite frankly, if this is what fear or overcoming demons sounds like, then Control could be our monster any day. This signals the start of the Neuromantic movement and a riveting look into the world of electro rock, a hybrid of melancholia mixed beautifully together with synth tones. This song gives you a certain buzz, that zing of intoxication without the alcohol, it is very exciting.

Succeeding tracks ‘Confess’ and ‘Mother Superior’ travel down a steadier path, following a theme of salvation that seems prominent in this release. ‘When Love Is Painbrings the tempo up a notch, giving the entire EP the perfect balance of change to keep you interested and intrigued.

Control’s gritty vocals are a perfect marriage with the electro and synth tones, and the darkwave vibes running through this piece are magnificent. It’s strange to think that The Pale has a traditionally Gothic feel to it, yet some of these tracks could be played in any night club across the country. This shows that great music is universally appreciated, that is for sure.

With the help of exceptional musicians Kenneth Fletcher, Ian MacWilliams, Ben Tourkantonis, together as a collective force, they have created something quite special with The Pale EP. As for when the rest of Revelations will be released, this is not certain. But keeping fans on their toes and bringing out fresh material when they’re still lapping up this delicious entrée is a stroke of genius. Let’s hope they all live up to this brilliant example.

The Pale will be released on October 14th through Control Records.

This William Control article was written by Evie Myers, a GIGsoup contributor

William Control 'The Pale' - EP REVIEW
William Control ‘The Pale’
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