The Hospital Party is dead. In regards to their debut EP, these words immortalised by the wickedly intoxicating As Sirens Fall still echo in the flickering embers of 2017, a difficult year to say the least. However, if we should be so lucky to draw a positive from a dark situation, this means that there is something new on the horizon, something bright and exciting. And this is no ordinary something, this is Where Lost Things Go. 

In a world where countless bands and musicians fade into bland, familiar obscurity, As Sirens Fall are humbly edging through the mundane haze of music, confidently grabbing the microphone and rendering this world to stunned silence with Where Lost Things Go. 

Gritty, angular riffs pave the way with EP opener Lily, breathing a new life into these boys we’ve rarely seen from them before, thanks to guitarists’ Richard Hadley and Adam Doveston’s efforts. What hasn’t changed however is vocalist Mikey Lord’s exceptional voice and if anything, time and experience has improved and given further range to his talents. His erratic quality at the bridge is unexpected but tailored perfectly to the track. As the song fades with equally gripping riffs, the strain in Lord’s voice is breath-taking to hear.  

Leading single In My Mind follows with guest vocals from Benji Webbe of Skindred, with a bold chorus you can’t help but belt out in the shower, in the car and anywhere you can justify singing your heart out. We’re not sure how the Webbe and As Sirens Fall came together, but we’re mighty glad that they did. While some may think it’s an unusual collaboration, it’s actually an unexpected and fantastic addition to an already epic track. 

Like Vultures and Getaway are tracks that have been floating around the As Sirens Fall back catalogue for quite some time, and it’s a pleasure to finally hear them in all their polished, recorded glory. The familiar emotion of lost love and relationships runs deep within both these tracks, with Lord leaving himself absolutely nowhere to hide with stripped back, piano-led Getaway, and quite frankly, he doesn’t need toAt this point, it’s hard to deny their talent, as we have everything we possibly could have wanted with Where Lost Things Go. 

Blasting back into a decidedly heavier track My Only Ghost, with notes of previous collaborators Ashestoangels dancing through it. From bouncy and in places, adventurous riffs to gutsy bass from Jason Doveston to building and driving percussion from drummer Jarlath McCaughery, everything has come together sublimely and is an absolute gem. 

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As they close the book with She Runs With The Wolves, take a moment to reflect upon this track a handful of times if you may. Notice the intensely gentle introduction, from the almost airy guitar to perfectly executed, unobtrusive drums to Lord’s shadowy echo behind these heartfelt lyrics. It’s mesmerising, and like nothing they’ve ever produced before. The unassuming way it builds into one of their most powerful and uplifting songs is astounding and is unequivocally, the highlight of this EP.  

Welcome to the eclectic and captivating world of As Sirens Fall ladies and gentlemen, it twists and it turns in ways you never expected. Their heart and soul lies within these six little songs, you can feel it pulsing through every drum beat, every riff and every strained noteIt’s the kind of record that makes you fall in love with music, if not for the first time, but deeply and unconditionally for the rest of your days. As Sirens Fall have created something extraordinary with Where Lost Things Go, and for that they should be immensely proud of themselves. 

Where Lost Things Go is available from April 13th.

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