Famous Scottish exports are usually confined to the classics, most notably of the digestible kind. Stuffed to the brim and equally digestible is the guitar-licked pop tones of Model Aeroplanes, rising from the industrial streets of Dundee with a tropically-drenched coating of sun-laden days and cocktails for breakfast.

Making a name for themselves over the past few years with track after track of infectious melodies and pop sensibilities, they seemed destined for the bigger stages – and after recently signing with the influential Island Records, it appears that their moment may well be on the horizon. Their first statement of intent is ‘Something Like Heaven,’ an eclectic EP showcasing the varied and multi-faceted sound that has become synonymous with Model Aeroplanes, and an invigorating insight into the future they’re sure to soundtrack. Dense and spacious in equal measures, it’s a snapshot of a band on the cusp of something huge.

Opening barrel and title track ‘Something Like Heaven’ is as shiny and pristine a pop record as you’re going to see in 2016, effortlessly gliding over the gallivanting rhythmic tones and quickly taking up residence in the minds of listeners as an undeniable ear worm banger. Frontman Rory Fleming-Stewart is an immaculately formed indie hero in waiting, charming and swooning with a Harrison Kossier-like swagger, that busts and elevates every track.

The Vampire Weekend-tinged ‘The Wild’ is a musical kaleidoscope distilled into a smooth milkshake, with shining scuzz and an all-encompassing wall of sound engulfing the listener. Tropical in its flavouring yet pulling no punches in its pure pop core, there’s a real sense of a band being full formed and comfortable in the skin they sit in. The spacious cowbell refrains of ‘Whatever Dress Suits You Better’ triggers soundscapes of flavoured cider by the beach, with ‘Toothache’ grappling with the dense textures that made Bombay Bicycle Club such a huge proposition over the past few years. Building effortlessly over the course of the track, it’s a signpost to the styles and future that awaits these Dundee heartthrobs, providing a glimpse into the fully-submerged indie destined to fill their future.

Perfectly packaged and produced, ‘Something Like Heaven’ is an undeniable collection of summertime smoothers. If a Starbucks Strawberries & Cream milkshake smoothie was in music form, then this would be it. Captivating and infectious in equal measure, it’s a pinpoint mark for the future Model Aeroplanes are destined to have, destined to take on the world and soundtrack thousands of sunburnt Sundays.

‘Something Like Heaven’ is out now via Island Records.

This Model Aeroplanes article was written by Jamie Muir, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse.

Model Aeroplanes 'Something Like Heaven' - EP REVIEW

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