Miss Vincent ‘Somewhere Else’

Boy, have we missed Miss Vincent. Two solid years since the release of ‘Reasons Not to Sleep’, the Southampton quartet come storming back into the fray with a handful of punk sass in their pockets, ready to throw at you at the earliest opportunity. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not something else, this is ‘Somewhere Else‘. And wherever this metaphorical existence lies, our bags are packed and we’re ready to go. 

Miss Vincent leave their heavy shackles of their previous EP behind and bring a furious, punk quality to your ears. This sense of urgency seen particularly in The Lovers is immediately infectious, and gives an unexpectedly upbeat feel to quite a harrowing tale. Only when it slows towards the end do we hear the vulnerabilities in vocalist’s Alex Marshall’s words, and it is hauntingly beautiful. 

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Much like a hyped up movie that gives away all the best bits in the trailer, Miss Vincent are in some ways in danger of letting their most popular songs out into the world with The Lovers and Cold Hands. Halfway point Lost and Forgotten isn’t exactly what it says on the tin, but it does follow suit with a similar pattern of intense riffs with a slow break towards the end. However, the harmonies provided by the backing vocalists give it a professional sheen that makes it stand out from its predecessors.  

As the EP slows into Beauty in Darkness, a simple guitar lets Marshall’s voice echo into your ears and it shines, if there were ever a way for a voice to shine. It’s wonderful to see this group flourish before your eyes as the band builds into a mighty crescendo with this aptly named track. 

‘Somewhere Else‘ closer The Western Shore cements the pattern Miss Vincent have created for themselves as seen in their previous singles. And while this is not a bad track, by this point it feels like the story has been told the same way four times. It’s a great story, this much is true, but sometimes it’s nice to pick up another book.   

 Somewhere Else is out now via Uncle M Records