Cameron AG 'Way Back Home' - EP REVIEW

Cameron AG ‘Way Back Home’ – EP REVIEW

This Cameron AG article was written by Mia Karam, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Samantha Melrose.

Cameron AG originally captivated the attention of various highly influential people in the music industry, including BBC 1’s beloved Annie Mac, with the release of his single ‘Lost Direction’ in 2015. This touchingly emotive track even made it to apple music’s best of the week playlist with it’s heart-rending lyrics and compellingly calm tune. With his first track, murmurs of success began to spread and the release of his new EP ‘Way Back Home’ is only more suggestive of the potential of newcomer Cameron AG.

Cameron AG himself can be seen as an interestingly fresh figure, with a background from the South American region of Nicaragua and then a big move to Oxford, there is undoubtedly something refreshing about him which is reflected in his music style. On top of all that, the Oxford singer is a multi-instrumentalist who started out recording music in his own bedroom. The passion that this man has for making music is demonstrated by the great attention to detail throughout his tracks and the ability to entice a listener into a state of tranquillity.

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The track ‘Way Back Home’ would accompany you well on a long, tiresome journey driving through stillness and serenity and deliberating on whatever it is on your mind. Somehow Cameron AG has achieved the power to produce calmness through a range of diverse sounds miraculously composed so that they become one fluent, easy listening tune pleasurable to the ears. This type of music echoes successful artists such as Passenger and Ben Howard, given their combination of a distinctly resonant voice with a soothing backing track.

‘Way Back Home’ itself is ultimately about an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for something that the singer is unable to change. If I could only turn back time” are the lyrics that permeate throughout the song and will undoubtedly resonate in your head long after the track has ended. Cameron AG opens up the ideas of sentimentality while keeping the emotions at bay.

This track will be released alongside three other tracks, including the greatly received ‘Lost Direction’ on his EP ‘Way Back Home’, which will be released March 25th 2016.

‘Way Back Home’ is out on the 25th March via Cameron AG.

Cameron AG 'Way Back Home' - EP REVIEW