What’s the point of resting when you can put out another record? This is probably the exact sentence that comes to the forefront of Ashestoangels’ minds about every other month. Brimming to the surface with a million ideas it seems, the newly arranged, six piece punk band are ready to throw an obscene amount of thrash your way, so you’d best be prepared. 

Featured on The Winter Split, their recently released joint EP with As Sirens Fall, ‘Tragic Songs is recycling in its best form. Beautiful, haunting harmonies from vocalist Adam Crilly and erratic instruments opens this record with an immense amount of maturity. ‘Never Made a Sound shortly follows with a slightly more subdued feel, but as the riffs hang back, we get to appreciate a sophisticated arrangement of backing vocals. It is clear that Ashestoangels have an immensely talented group of singers in their arsenal, and it is breathtaking to hear them all shine. 

Bones, Pt 2 is the unexpected, stand-out piece of The Unreliable Narrator by far. In a sea of optimistic songs crawling out from the dark, this one pushes you down the rabbit hole into a wonderland much like the town of Halloween in Nightmare Before Christmas. With ballsy, edgy riffs married spectacularly with smoky vocals from Crilly and guest vocalist Mikey Lord [of As Sirens Fall], this is the collaboration we didn’t know we needed in our lives. We don’t know how they met, but let’s just be glad that they did. The arrangement of this entire song has a certain zing to it, from the unusual layering of instruments to the pounding percussion and the silky collision of voices, everything comes together perfectly.  

In startling contrast, closing track ‘I’ll Be the Dark feels like a twenty-something year old pulling on their once emo skinny jeans to find that they still fit. You remember the songs as if it were yesterday, and ‘I’ll Be the Dark‘ could quite easily be nestled in those wonderful memories. Its bouncy chorus rivals the punk/rock classics seen in the mid-2000’s but Crilly’s partial screaming vocals set it apart and Ashestoangels make it their own with their darker tone and nuggets of electro rippling throughout. Put it this way, if New Grave were to be written into a musical, it might sound a little like this 

The Unreliable Narrator is now available through the Ashestoangels website.

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