Eddy Yang ‘A New City’ EP

Los Angeles based indie rocker Eddy Yang is going to introduce you to ‘A New City’. The title track of his new EP draws from his inspiration walking around New York City at night. While it is written from experiences in the new city, the songs are about the feelings the city brings. Eddy Yang sings of the energy making him feel young and alive, and the worlds seems like it is full of possibilities in that moment.

Most noteworthy of ‘A New City’ is that it was written, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by Eddy Yang. On the tracks you will hear electronic beats backing strong guitar riffs. Yangs work is most similarly compared to groups like Television or Sonic Youth.

Consisting of five songs the full EP is set to be released on April 5th but GIGsoup got an early listen. The track ‘A New City’ has already been named the title track and is also available as a single. Listening to him singing of feeling alive while young and optimistic of a world of opportunities. Eddy Yang brings you hope through his energetic experiences and song writing and you too will “come alive”.

Furthermore the EP contains additional songs worth listening to. Beginning with ‘Split The Night’ with fun beats and vocals from Eddy Yang. He sings of a journey to being himself and living life he desires because it’s almost too late. Following the title track is ‘Release Me’ which is relatable in a relationship that seems like it’s coming to an end. The EP rounds out with ‘In The City’ with an impressive guitar solo, and finally ‘Do You Remember’ about the city coming alive with someone close.

The EP shares a message of hope and possibilities. Eddy Yang is impressive on the guitar, and beats he mixed himself. The songwriting and vocals take you to these experiences and opportunities almost as if you were there. Keep an eye out for this Indie record coming out April 5th.