Dorylus 'The Rapture' - EP REVIEW

Dorylus ‘The Rapture’ – EP REVIEW

This Dorylus article was written by Jack Press, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Ben Kendall. Featured image by Mangaka Maiden Photography –

Dorylus are a genus of army ants found primarily in central Africa, that are capable of stinging as they move from anthill to anthill. Ironically, they share their name with Stevenage metal tribe Dorylus, who having only formed in January of this year, march their debut EP ‘The Rapture’, towards the world like an army of ants primed to takeover.

Whilst they refrain from labelling themselves in a world where labelling is the bread and butter of human nature, ‘The Rapture’ is a groove-metal guidebook for those uninitiated with the more popular of its ilk, say the likes of the earth-shattering Lamb of God, whilst a slither of thrash finds itself hiding under the covers in this bed of something similar.

‘Desolation’ is like taking a ride on a rollercoaster that doesn’t stop – riffs after riffs after riffs, taking you higher and higher before blasting you back down to earth with basslines and breakdowns as big as an earthquake. It would be a lie to say that Dorylus aren’t good, in fact, they’re great, but they’ve been bitten by the bug most bands are on their debut EP: lots and lots of meat-and-potatoes metal that sounds a lot like the bands that made them start a band.

As a rapture would, tear apart the layers of this complex makeup, and on the title track you will find why Dorylus are as promising as many in a genre that is more populated than a pub on St Paddy’s day. They’ve mastered the sound they love, and they play with an air of confidence that is refreshing in a scene full of fakes, and when they unleash their solo’s upon you, it’s only then that we realise that they just need a little time to figure out what they want from the world of metal, sonically.

With ‘The Rapture’, Dorylus provide us with a piece of their very own puzzle, the beginnings of a musical journey they’ve begun to embark on with a future that looks bright on the horizon.

‘The Rapture’ is out now.

Dorylus 'The Rapture' - EP REVIEW