Painting By Mark Stuart (Oil on canvas)

Djakarta ‘Djakarta’

If you’ve been on the hunt for upcoming indie-pop music, Djakarta’s self-titled EP will pleasantly surprise you. While the group is based in Paris and their site written in French, their lyrics share moments of friendship in English. The French/Australian band puts us in a mystical mood with “Rising Tide.” Soft drums and a simple melody pull us into a story. “Paranoid,” carries a similar mood to the tracks on “Woodstock,” by Portugal. The Man. “Paranoid” is enticing lyrically, it’s a call: “sleep beside me my lonely soul.” Love can be confusing, but this track changes that feeling; asking, “don’t you think it’s beautiful?”

“My Friend” talks about the illusion of friendship. The beat slows and subtle electronic sounds accompany the sincere lyrics, giving us the feeling that a phase of this friendship has ended. “Djakarta” doesn’t leave the mood on the down beat. “You and Me” looks at balance between friends. This track reflects on a past friendship. The story tells us that things could have been different now, if things happened differently back then.

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The last track, “On the Moon” is dreamlike. It varies in pace to build anticipation, it’s the type of song you hear at the end of a movie, as the screen fades to black, and the credits begin to scroll. It wraps up the EP in an uplifting way, with the feeling of resolution. It’s surprising that Djakarta is just gathering momentum and a bigger following on their platforms, but their music is definitely underrated. Carrying similarities to Capital Cities and Portugal. The Man, Djakarta is likely to make it onto many indie-pop playlists, very soon.