Dax Releases First EP ‘It’s Different Now’

Hip-Hop artist Dax released his first EP ‘It’s Different Now’ and it’s quickly risen to number six on the Itunes Hip-Hop download chart. The seven song EP boasts features from O.T Genasis and Futuristic and is available for purchase on Itunes and Spotify.

On the 1st of August, GIGsoup conducted an interview with Dax about the project, he promised something fresh, inspirational and unique. ‘It’s Different Now’ certainly lived up to his claims. Dax is well known for tackling subjects such as personal growth, hard work ethic and self belief, this EP captures his prior message but goes beyond as he talks about past struggles and perseverance. Each song is doused in complex rap patterns and catchy melodies boasting his diverse musical talents.


There is a range in subject matter but at the core, this album is about overcoming the preconceptions that other people have branded Dax with. It’s about his ability to keep his head above the judgement of others and work through it. Interestingly, the album cover shows Dax staring back at himself in the mirror, almost as though the criticism wasn’t all from exterior sources. The title ‘It’s Different Now’ coincides with this subtle suggestion, possibly implying that he battled his own apprehensions to get to a place of confidence and true self belief. The EP seems to be tailored toward a fan base of similar minds, almost a how to guide in regards of battling procrastination, Track one, ‘Gotta Get It’ being the prime example.

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Above all, what makes a great release is if it’s re-playable, relatable and has room for interpretation so that the listener can attribute some essence of the art to their own lives. “It’s different now’ does that. It packages in some new and raw sounds while also feeding what listeners seek when they lose themselves into music. It’s a humble body of work that pays homage to the art that came before, but also takes a step in a new direction. With an artist such as Dax, it’s evident that this is only the beginning of many more new steps and some great music. follow @thatsdax on Instagram to be sure to witness what’s next and find links to purchase your own copy of ‘It’s Different Now’

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