Cold Summer 'Fight to Survive' - EP REVIEW

Cold Summer ‘Fight to Survive’ – EP REVIEW

Cold Summer’s Northan Grit has enabled them to deliver a wonderfully powerful, relatable EP.

If we judged a band upon its name, then Cold Summer could not be more British if it tried. Luckily, we delve a little deeper and concentrate on the music here at GIGsoup. While they describe themselves as post-hardcore, this is too constricting for the Leeds quartet. Their latest release ‘Fight to Survive’, is punky, mixed with a gritty angst and reimagined revitalised demos.

Step this way if you love raw, jagged vocals because singer Dan Feast punches out powerful, boisterous vocals with EP opener ‘Bear Eats Wolf’. If a voice could paint a picture, then Feast’s is haphazardly scrawling a bloody image of the despair in the world and this is exactly the kind of record opener that grabs your attention. Equally as pounding as its predecessor, ‘A Time Imagination Forgot to Inspire’ sees Feast strip the theatrics of screaming for the most part and it is wonderful to hear his singing vocals in this punk rock track. With bouncier, almost optimistic riffs from guitarist Chris Harrison, this could easily be an anthem.

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‘Waiting’ and ‘Car Crash (In Progress)’ have been released in previous years, but have been subtly altered and improved for this EP. However, while the latter begins in a similarly interesting and heavy fashion, towards the end, the percussion and vocals become irritatingly repetitive. The saving grace is the wonderful solo from Harrison, drowning out the unfortunate memory created seconds earlier.

We’ve all been that kid, throwing pennies into wishing wells hoping for some crazy dream to come true. Well, sometimes life just isn’t that kind, as we see in ‘Coins Fall (But Don’t Make It)’. The heavy, persistent drums and riffs complement Feast perfectly in this borderline rock/metal piece. It also demonstrates how to make war cry lyrics work: with an epic guitar backing it up. And in a surprising twist, the song strips back and we can appreciate the simplicity of drums and guitar bouncing gently against Feast’s voice. It soon explodes back into gritty proceedings and ends on a high note.

Drawing ‘Fight to Survive’ to a close with melodic rock track ‘Something, Nothing, No One’, and it is clear that this whole record has been packed with real, gut-wrenching emotion. There is a saying you may have heard about ‘Northern Grit’. It exists and it lies here in Cold Summer, and it makes for some wonderfully powerful, relatable music.

‘Fight to Survive’ is out now.

This Cold Summer article was written by Evie Myers, a GIGsoup contributor, edited by Natalie Whitehouse.


Cold Summer 'Fight to Survive' - EP REVIEW

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