Carnymusic ‘Carnymusic EP’

Carnymusic is a self-titled EP released by Michael Carnahan lead singer of San Francisco western-psych band The Green Door. The EP is a solo Indie Folk project for Carnahan. All songs on ‘Carnymusic’ were written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Carnahan.

The four track EP has Americana elements to couple with its Indie folk feel. It can also be described as moody. Each song has a slightly different tone to it. The acoustic guitar is played in each song with simple and complex progressions throughout.

Because of the moody feel, you get the sense that you are in the mind of Carnymusic. There is power in that. There is feeling and honesty in this EP as well as sometimes darker expressions of thought.

My favorite track on the EP was ‘Riptide’. He sings about goals that are hard to reach, and the obstacles that get in the way. It is relateable, his lyrics “it’s hard to stay long, when I’m just hanging on” are things that we have all felt. This EP is raw, and an interesting collection from the independent artist Carnymusic. 

The final track ‘Close Your Eyes’ helps you see in on some of the production talent this EP took. It has a chilling feel with reverb, strums from the electric guitar, and the addition of the accordion. All these combine with haunting vocals, creating the most unique track of the EP. It is a representation of Carnymusic’s work as an artist. 

Take a step inside the mind and music of Carnymusic below.