Melbourne-born, London-via-Berlin singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Carla dal Forno came to the attention of many with last year’s well received debut album ‘You Know What It’s Like’. Issued via the London-based label Blackest Ever Black, it appeared on a number of end of year lists including those issued by publications such as The Wire, The Quietus and Crack Magazine.

Among the most interesting artists on the DIY/underground scene right now, Carla dal Forno writes, plays, arranges, records and produces everything herself (as well as designing the cover art for her new EP). Stylistically, ‘The Garden’ isn’t too far removed from her debut. The sparse, slow-paced, dark pop sound remains, but this time it’s much more refined. There’s also a greater emphasis placed on her understated, confessional vocals, adding more volume and by extension warmth.

Clocking in at just under 17-minutes, all four tracks on ‘The Garden’ are as good as anything found on her debut, including both of its excellent lead tracks. The title-track and accompanying video pay tribute to German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten and their 1996 song of the same name. Carried by a hypnotic sliding bassline, it’s an altogether darker piece which sees Carla dal Forno flipping the meaning of the original and turning the garden into a place of potential danger.

‘Made Up Talk’ was written back home in Australia and is the track which you could say is most closely related to the murkier sound of her debut album. While ominous opener ‘We Shouldn’t Have to Wait’ with its stalking bassline was created as a response to her 2016 single ‘Fast Moving Cars’. Competing with the title-track as highlight of the EP however is the brighter and airier ‘Clusters’, containing lyrics which were rearranged from National Geographic article.

‘The Garden’ is undoubtedly a step forward for Carla dal Forno, containing her best work thus far. It’s pretty much the perfect EP and it leaves you with a feeling of great anticipation for what she might come up with on her next full-length release.

‘The Garden’ is available now via Blackest Ever Black

The tracklisting for ‘The Garden’ is as follows:

01. We Shouldn’t Have To Wait
02. Clusters
03. Make Up Talk
04. The Garden

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