Calico 'Calico' - EP REVIEW
Calico 'Calico' - EP REVIEW

Calico ‘Calico’ – EP REVIEW

This Calico article was written by Adam Jones, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Gavin Wells

After suffering from a change of line-up in early 2014, forcing them to take a brief hiatus, electronic jazz band Calico have resumed operations.

In April 2015, the Brighton-based five-piece announced their new line-up and that new music was on the way. Six  months later, we have the first offering from this new line up: a self-titled EP. Consisting of four tracks, the EP showcases the band’s own brand of electronic jazz, with a few sprinkles of rock for good measure. The EP is largely driven by strong, trumpet-led melodies with a backdrop of chilled Synths that provide a relaxed listening experience.

Admittedly, there is nothing ground-breaking here and there is a tendency for these instrumental melodies to fade into background music. The most interesting track here is the second version of ‘Euphorism’, which features the vocals of Beth Cannon. This is the only use of vocals and lyrics on the EP and Cannon’s unique voice gives a completely different take on the track and adds an additional layer onto the mellower EP opener.

Calico’ is a pleasant easy-listening affair that showcases the band’s electronic jazz sound. It is true that this EP is nothing incredibly innovative and it could easily be swallowed up and forgotten about. However, the music on show serves as a mellow introduction of what the band are capable of and hints that with the continued development of their sound and musical direction, Calico have a great deal of potential. In short, this EP impresses it feels more like a blueprint of something bigger to come.

‘Calico’ is available on the 19th October 2015 via Small Pond Recordings

Calico 'Calico' - EP REVIEW