Sharing tours, stages and, no doubt, beds with each other over the past year doesn’t seem to be enough for the lads in Ashestoangels and As Sirens Fall. The love within this mighty collective force is most certainly real and this has lead to something rather exciting: a combined EP aptly named ‘The Winter Split.’ This quad-track release features one single from each band respectively and a cover of one of the other’s tracks which is intriguing to say the least. It’s almost like being asked if you want chocolate sauce or sprinkles on your ice cream: why choose? Spoil yourself and have both!

Ashestoangels begin with their hugely professional single ‘Tragic Songs.’ Vocalist Adam Crilly has an incredible talent for masquerading dark themes within upbeat, pounding guitars and this song is no exception. Crilly’s vocals shine and are complemented wonderfully by the deeper backing vocals. With the release of their next EP ‘The Unreliable Narrator’ just around the corner (December 13th), let’s hope that this is a delightful snippet of what is to come.

A swift exit down a gritty avenue is where this mysterious journey takes us next, where As Sirens Fall introduce us to the madness that is ‘State of the Artist’. It is rare that a track offers head banging, infectious dance qualities, screaming vocals and horrendously catchy lyrics in less than four and a half minutes. From start to finish, it is a complete oxymoron and leaves you wondering where on earth you will end up next. It’s like starting off the night in Wetherspoons and winding up drunk on a beach with a broken ankle and a fresh tattoo: who knows how you got there, but it was one hell of a ride.

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Singer Mikey Lord does As Sirens Fall proud with his phenomenal range in ‘State of the Artist’. In fact, what must be remarked upon is the harsh reality that both vocalists, Crilly and Lord convey in their respective lyrics: their fierce, relatable quality is staggering, which can only take them far in the music world.

Ashestoangels‘ haunting re-imagining of ‘Smoke’ follows, which was recently released on As Sirens Fall’s debut EP ‘The Hospital Party.’ The once predominantly heavy track has ribbons of electro dancing through the blasting riffs, giving you that infamous Ashestoangels erratic, genre-defying vibe we’ve come to adore over the years. Crilly’s screaming vocals offer a darker twang to the track and yet is so well complemented by softer tones in just the right places.

Finally, Lord tackles the infamously carrying notes of ‘Down We Go’ with complete ease, it’s almost as if the song were written for his voice. Such powerful riffs may overshadow the meek, but this is certainly no challenge for these boys. While this cover is more ‘by the book’ as it were, this doesn’t diminish its quality in any way. The old saying goes: if it ain’t broke… and As Sirens Fall achieve amazing things as ‘The Winter Split’ draws to a close.

‘The Winter Split’ is out now.As Sirens Fall release video ahead of Christmas shows

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