Andrei Eremin – Pale Blue
Andrei Eremin – Pale Blue

GIGsoup contributor Matthew Kay takes us into the electronic world of Andrei Eremin

This ‘Andrei Eremin’ article was written by Matthew Kay, a GIGsoup contributor

Andrei Eremin is a 23-year-old producer, haling from Melbourne, Australia who has an impressive CV, aside from producing his own music, Eremin is one of four engineers working at the world-class Jack The Bears Deluxe Mastering studio and tackles everything from mixing to mastering to his own electronic music productions. His latest offering is the EP Pale Blue, a journey through the more unconventional side of electronic music that offers both powerful and emotive songs, without the generic synth lines or standardized female vocals seen on many commercial tracks.

The EP begins with ‘Anhedoniac’ a hedonistic journey into powerful, larger than life synths, allowing the listener to enter Eremins world. The backbone of this song is the drums, giving an almost garage-esque feel, pushing the music forward, relentlessly underpinning the song whilst the smooth transitional soundscapes open new dimensions within the song. The track is accompanied by haunting female vocals, reminiscent of Disclosure, adding yet another level to an already powerful and emotive song.

The EP moves onto ‘Ghosts’, with a more laid back vibe whilst keeping the energy of the powerful, emotive sounds within the EP. A pounding kick drum and vast synths help create an energy in which the listener can lose themselves, submerge their senses into a world full of emotions, set upon a backdrop of atmospheric sounds. The third track is less of song and more of an interlude, keeping within touching distance of the EP’s emotive essence and ethos of pushing the boundaries, the track features a solo piano, haunting and intimate, slowing the pace of the EP and subduing the listener, taking them firmly into the realm of Eremins world.

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‘Sleeper’ takes the listener on a new path, keeping the atmospheric sounds, it brings in hard hitting, stuttering drums giving an almost dub step feel, delivering yet more energy and pushing the boundaries of what the listener expects. Twisting and turning the track leads towards darker territory than the previous songs, pushing the listener further into a deep and twisted synth laden universe. The finale ‘Two Dones’ offers a more relaxed approach, gently and eloquently bringing to a close an expedition through the more alternative sounds of electronic music, wandering seamlessly through transitions with soulful vocals ending the EP with a more gentle and subdued feel.

Throughout this EP the listener is drawn into an alternative narrative, one accompanied by haunting vocals laid upon a bed of atmospheric synths, bringing together Eremins exceptional eye for detail and perfectly orchestrated sounds. The EP delivers more than a set of songs bundled together, but offers the listener a chance to journey through a variety of exceptionally crafted soundscapes driven by pounding drums, forever moving forward and pushing the boundaries of expectations within the electronic genre. The whole EP seems to be fashioned around perfectly crafted atmospherics that open up the listener to a world full of new and interesting sounds as they progress through a campaign centred on the abilities of an outstanding producer. Eremin, it would seem, is not content with working extensively with other artists music through Jack The Bears Deluxe Mastering studio but is wanting to offer his own twist on what can be, at times, a stale and generic genre. Through the perfectly orchestrated songs within the EP Eremin has managed to do just that, and hopefully there will be more to come.

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EP REVIEW : Andrei Eremin - 'Pale Blue'