Alibis 'Therapy' - EP REVIEW

Alibis ‘Therapy’ – EP REVIEW

This Alibis article was written by Ben Malkin, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Ben Kendall.

Alibis launch a clean, accessible indie rock sound on ‘Therapy’. For some, this EP might be therapeutic in its own right; easy-to-swallow vibes bounce between twinkling guitar tones and raw, ‘English’ vocals, qualities that most will enjoy. Meanwhile, the moods switch between grizzly electric guitars and a very natural, acoustic flavour.

Granted, there isn’t an incredible amount to say about ‘Therapy’ on a whole. The opening, eponymous track serves fairly successfully as a hook, a tool to reel the listener in and make them stay for a little longer. The first line, “Maybe I need therapy, a little psychiatric remedy to clean out the cobwebs, or maybe that’s just nonsense,” whilst delivered in that accented vocal take, pretty much gives the listener a decent sense of what’s to come, as the EP is packed with those tough, crunchy vocals and similar approaches to lyricism.

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The EP is in no way predictable, and nothing is really executed poorly, but perhaps it’s too easy a listen at times, whilst masquerading as something relatively unique. ‘Refuge’ is also very familiar, and keeping on those vocals; they’re great, but do often feel too samey. ‘Old Box’ almost leads us in a new direction; it’s sweet, it’s tender, but the stripped back approach coupled with half-hearted chord progressions don’t really make it stand out. The lyrics are fairly nice though.

‘Therapy’ is easy for one to sink their teeth into, but that might be the biggest compliment it can be given. Everything is on-point to a decent extent, the production is solid, the vocals are ravishing, but the compositions feel flat overall.

‘Therapy’ is out now via Blue Flowers.

Alibis 'Therapy' - EP REVIEW

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