EP REVIEW : Jon Foreman - The Wonderlands ‘Shadows’
EP REVIEW : Jon Foreman - The Wonderlands ‘Shadows’

EP REVIEW : Jon Foreman – The Wonderlands ‘Shadows’

This ‘Jon Foreman’ article was written by Yasmin La Ronde, a GIGsoup contributor

EP REVIEW : Jon Foreman - The Wonderlands ‘Shadows’Following on from the recent success of the ‘Sunlight’ EP, Jon Foreman, frontman of Switchfoot has released his second EP; ‘Shadows’ from ‘The Wonderlands’ series, which is set to see two more releases later this year. ‘Shadows’, the second installment of this four-part release is a connotation for an hour of the day, and it is through this EP that we see Foreman venture into shade and its unknown realms.

It opens with ‘Ghost Machine’, an acoustic number that erupts into a melody of sweet soothing sounds that send you into your own world of mystery. The track allows you to create your own interpretation of the music – the sense of complexity reinforces its soothing cycle of beautiful sounds.

‘My Coffin’ offers a swift change in tempo. Embodied by a set of strong percussions and string instruments it flavours the track with a sense of death. It’s a powerful addition to the EP, but it is not until the last few seconds that you really find the track celebrating the ideology of it all. Is it all a lie or just a confused and beautiful reality in which Foreman tinkers with our own attention when it comes to matters of life and death?

Moving away from the daunting elements and into a more uplifting note, ‘Fake Your Own Death’ has a balance between light and dark, it is where they meet; “fake your own death and live the life you’ve always been afraid of living.” It is a track that gives you hope and a sense of a haunting reality. Foreman’s melancholy vocals resonate throughout and leave you wanting more.

And it isn’t until you reach ‘Good For Me’ that a unique sound adds a bluesy shade to the EP. Foreman lingers between night and day, but there is no true indication as to whether ‘Shadow’ inhibits either but they rather meet – “I was upside down, I thought the floor was the ceiling.” It is here again that Foreman expands our own imagination and we are left questioning the boldness of this track.

Foreman has created an incredible flow all the way through both ‘Sunlight’ (the first EP of the 4 part release) and ‘Shadow’, but it isn’t until ‘Your Love Is Enough’ that you begin to see the similarities. The penultimate track explores the intensity of humanity. It enables the listener to find inner peace amongst the daily chaos of life. It is a message of hope through all the darkness and “Here in my maker’s arms, I find my soul” reinstates that.

The final track, ‘Siren’s Song’ ends the EP on a beautiful acoustic ballad, and it is where Foreman expels his creativity through an encore of strings and his majestic vocals. It is a track that brings everything to a close and “my love is at the edge, come to the sea” reinforces the sweetness of life and how we are capable of falling into the lusts of the world.

This isn’t the last we will hear of Foreman, and with two more releases to welcome there is an element of a stronger truth that we are about to explore. This EP allows us to explore our own inner secrets through its beautiful sounds and its discovery of ‘Shadows’.

The Wonderlands ‘Shadows’ is out now on Lowercase People Records

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EP REVIEW : Jon Foreman - The Wonderlands ‘Shadows’