DEADLAST ‘Waiting to Exist’ EP

In the imaginary egg and spoon race of metal bands in the world, Yorkshire based quintet Deadlast are certainly not living up to their namesake when it comes to their debut EP ‘Waiting to Exist’. Quite the contrary, it seems like they are storming into the fold with a delicious mix of nu-metal and headbang inducing cluster of tracks for us to feast upon. 

Firing into life with ‘In’, we’re introduced immediately to eerie pounding of percussion from drummer Steve Turner. With an air of Disturbed dancing on their forceful drums, there is much to smile about when it comes to Deadlast. Then the erratic ‘Control’ blasts into play, with vocalist Jordan Greenwood wasting absolutely zero seconds in shouting, quite literally, his cracking voice from the rooftops for the whole world to hear. The driving riffs coupled with the rap-style vocals at the verse is a wonderful combination and when that chorus hits, you’d be a fool if you weren’t moshing. 

Those rib-crushing drums remain a constant throughout the rest of the record, with Greenwood’s voice soaring against this phenomenal force in ‘Feed’. It may be easy for a voice to be overwhelmed with such magnitude of metal, but he handles it with complete ease and a confident professionalism which is fantastic to hear. 

Imagine yourself in a blackened room, the floor is sticky and you’re covered in sweat from rocking out for a solid hour, this is where ‘Enlighten/Enslave’ was born to be played. The war cry ‘burn with me, you’re gonna burn with me’ are lyrics that are begging to be screamed out by every man, woman and child. We simply cannot wait to hear this song live, it’s got potential to be an absolutely stunning metal anthem for the new decade. 

Softer tones greet your ears with EP closer ‘Home’, but not for a moment too long as a wave of powerful riffs ignite the fire for ‘Waiting to Exit’ one last time. The longest track of the release features a veritable selection of what makes Deadlast so great: a mixture of true metal and a splash of quieter riffs to expose their talents through and through. The delicate plucks of strings match sublimely with the taste of angst in Greenwood’s voice and hammering drums. The haunting final words fade into the world like air from your lungs, never to be seen again but you can feel their lasting effect, ever present in your heart forever.   

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