Ashestoangels ‘The Midnight Society’ EP

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to ‘The Midnight Society’. This may sound like a secret organisation doing devilish and unknown things in the dead of night, but in reality, this is the new EP from Ashestoangels. A touch heavier than its predecessors, this record certainly leaves a taste of metal on your lips as we dive into this latest chapter of their noble quest for musical greatness.

Kicking off this EP is latest single ‘I’ve Got a Plan’, overloading your senses with driving riffs and deep, growling roars like we have never seen before from Ashestoangels. It is beautifully complemented by Adam Crilly’s soaring voice, and the erratic intertwining of these two styles is simply marvellous. The chorus is simply infectious, you can’t help but scream along to it and has deep, oozing riffs that you can sink your teeth into. As record openers go, the nail is most definitely hit on the head, our attention is well and truly piqued.

Unrelenting percussion from drummer Jarlath McCaughery coupled with synth greets the ears in ‘Absolved’. Little gems come at you from all angles in this track, from the perfectly placed ‘oh oh ohs’ at the chorus to the peppering of gnarly vocals against the driving drums and surprising nuggets of synth all come together to make a remarkably catchy song.  

 At halfway point ‘I am the Reason’, we are simply intoxicated by the synth dancing in the air, kudos to keys master Nikki Kontinen throughout ‘The Midnight Society’ for this slice of gold. The way this builds with understated riffs and drums to the chorus keeps you on your toes. It’s heavy, ballsy outro keeps this track fresh with more welcome use of metallic vocals.

We see more of typical Ashestoangels with ‘Ritual, 91’ and it is wonderful to hear Crilly’s voice in all his glory. Guitarists Adam Falkor and Josh Jones create some wickedly exciting riffs here and continue right through to closing track ‘As Above, So Below’, released in 2019 as a single. The erratic guitars are simply foot-stomp/head-bang inducing or any form of rocking out to be honest. it’s the sort of track you can see a crowd going absolutely insane for, it should really come with a mosh pit warning. The lads in Ashestoangels may have faced some testing times over the years but they’ve come out fighting, strong and ready to take on the world with ‘The Midnight Society’.