Za! 'Loloismo' - ALBUM REVIEW

Za! ‘Loloismo’ – ALBUM REVIEW

This Za! article was written by Chris Hobbs, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Ben Kendall.

‘Loloismo’ is such an eclectic album that describing it results in a scattered list of genres and artists that Za! take influence from at any one time. Safe to say, the result is a release that is more on the avante-garde side of rock music: full of synth swells, arpeggios, glissandos, distorted guitars and chanted vocals. At the same time, there is plenty of catchy melodic material, interspersed between the high-octane musical mischief.

Aggressive and eclectic from the get-go, ‘La Maquinaria Está Engrasada’ assaults the listener with gunshot-like tremors and exaggerated swells, catapulting between full-power attacks and softer, synthetic and rhythmically driven moments of respite. Beginning with what sounds like kitchenware as percussion and sandwiching snippets of blues rock amongst the chaos, the opening track encapsulates the frantic and experimental side of the album.

While this tone is maintained throughout the album, thankfully not every track is as difficult as the first. The second,’Badulake’, has a catchy synth melody, playfully interspersed with vocals and driven by the energy of the drums. Following this,’Empatano’ slows everything down a little; with reverberating trumpet opening the track, before blossoming into post-jazz through transience of key and the mixing of reverberant dissonant trumpets, with rock beats and eclectic percussion – all served with a synthetic garnish.

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‘Mundo Estrella’, is supported by a backbone of a superbly catchy and energetic rock-guitar riffs. The use of orchestral samples is wonderfully interruptive, leaving you wondering if they even happened at all. ‘Sancha’ is the first real drop in energy since the beginning of the album, a softer, post-rock track. While there are no real issues with this piece, it feels a little long in the context of this album, but succeeds in providing an introspective mood and a welcome moment to take a breath.

‘Loloismo’ is an album that can’t sit still. Every song is almost entirely different to the track that precedes it. Anchored by an abundance of synthesised material, chanted vocal melodies and bright guitar tone, each of the 11 tracks continue to draw from as many influences as possible. The synth material on ‘Captain Rondo’ is like chiptune, ‘Don Autoleyendas’ is a hip hop track soaked in reverb, ‘Loloismo’, a chant along rock track. The first few times listening to this album, the 40 minutes will pass like a blur, with so much happening that it’s hard to say what you just listened to. Luckily, after a few listens, everything will fall into place a little more.

This will not be an album for everybody. It is often abrasive and aggressive, which can make it difficult to listen to. But the album just exudes fun, and with the snippets of laughter and chatter, you feel like you’re actually there as a part of it. If you’re looking looking for something a little challenging and genuinely unique, while still having catchy moments and leaving you with a smile on your face, ‘Loloismo’ might just be the album for you.

‘Loloismo’ is out now via Valve Records.

Za! 'Loloismo' - ALBUM REVIEW