Wavves ‘You’re Welcome’

Wavves 'You're Welcome'
Packed into 35 minutes, Wavves new release is able to include songs that are simple and smart at the same time. Simplicity at it’s best
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Things to do in 35 minutes, read the first chapter of “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry” by Neil deGrasse Tyson, or “A Man Called Ove,” by Fredrik Backman, or, absorb and be enlightened by the entire new release from Wavves.

SoCal lo-fi punk-pop rockers Wavves release stellar 12-track essay manifesto “You’re Welcome.” The sixth album from the band follows their successful and well-received 2015 release, “V.”

Packed into 35 minutes, Wavves new release is able to include songs that are simple and smart at the same time. Simplicity at it’s best, “You’re Welcome” is a mix of simple beats with 60’s sounding beach guitars filled with lead and backup vocals that mix well. It would be easy to see the band performing at the beach or through an old transistor radio.

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Tune in and turn out all the noise around and heed the new release “You’re Welcome.” The 12-track release might be interpreted as a list. In fact, when listening each exceptional tune, sit down (if standing) pull out a piece of paper ( or on a tablet or phone) and write down each track to see if it possible to make a story out of all of the tracks in any order.

“No shade, Million Enemies Hollowed Out, Come to the Valley, Animals Under Dreams of Grandeur Exercise Stupid in Love, Daisy I Love You, You’re Welcome…” (Tweet your story out!)

“Daisy,” inaugurates the album with a plucking sliding guitar string beauty about Daisy, with Williams deadpanning “My winter lake house is freezing cold and my polar bear don’t do what he’s told. Oh I know I should get away, get away. I need to hold her, I need to touch her.”

The entire new release is easily filled with hits. “Hollowed Out,” and “Come to the Valley” both sound a bit like a cross between Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes, when Williams says “ Let’s ride to the other side of life to see what we find-I see you standing there hollowed out.”

Low bass sounding and organ grinding notes fleece “Come to the Valley,” and remind fans of how playing simple music can be exceptional if done correctly. Williams correctly hits a nerve and says what many feel in today’s nerve-racking world, “The whole world covered in gasoline and burning alive I feel taken advantage and empty inside.”

An exercise in futility begs Williams as he warns Kurt Cobain style with bending “eyes” into “I-I-I-ize” with the finishing warnings of “Dancing while the world is burning down, my heads on fire, feet can’t touch the ground, I can’t believe the shit they feed to us, they’re lying to our faayyyce-uhhhhuhhuh”

The rest of the tracks will no doubt delight Wavves fans with the final 50’s crooning song “I Love You” message from Williams when it’s hard to tell if he is sarcastically saying or asking, “I love you. When the season’s change and the sun comes down and I stare into the great abyss-I love you when I spend my life trying to forget who loved me the most.”

So many things to do, so little time to do it these days, however, one thing to do that takes only a little over a half-hour is to listen to the new release from Wavves, listeners will no doubt, love it..


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