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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown 's self-titled album brings what other's can't. They mix quality musicianship, melody and genuine forte for good ol' rock-n-roll and blues

When pop mainstream runs the airwaves, one can feel like a damsel in distress. However, Nashville rockers Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown might be the answer to your call. Their new stomp-worthy, self-titled LP guarantees a straight shot of rock-n-roll, blues, grit and zero frills in eleven tracks. Grab your leather jacket and AC/DC shirt for this one. It’s that good.

For a band that has opened for Guns N’ Roses, they play no games. The first cut ‘Heartland’ opens with some sludgy guitars strokes and hammering drums before getting into the chorus chant. Melodic licks follow Bryant’s vocals and dazzling solo. ‘Don’t Mind the Blood’ drives with energy, melody, distortion and catchy lyrics. It then bursts with powerful instrumentals at the end. It’s where GnR might meet Motörhead on the way home, pretty much.

The next tracks sidestep towards the blues direction. For example, ‘Jealous Me’ highlights Bryant’s eerie vocals, and bluesy embellishments within a minor key. It captures the beauty of space between vocals, distorted effects and playing off each chords or solo. Their stand-out ‘Ramblin’ Bones’ is one acoustic blues/rock track for the win. Mississippi Fred McDowell and the greats can be heard gliding in the opening. Once the trance-like arpeggios take its place, Bryant tells his story about being on the road. The catchy chorus, the impressive slider guitar and layers of instrumentals are the perks of being a ‘Shakedown‘ wallflower.

‘Backfire’ and ‘Weak and Weepin’ bring the rock-n-roll straps back. ‘Weak and Weepin’ has some of best and catchy riffs on the album. Without a doubt, it is the band in their element. An element that makes every note and drum beat play off each other naturally. Both ‘Manipulate Me’ and ‘Easy Target’ are crowd, rock-pleasers.

However, the stripped back ‘Magnetic Field’ glistens in the hard rock realm. It starts with acoustic strums and vocals like Leonard Cohen or Nick Cave. Then, other beautiful harmonies and dynamic guitar parts elevate the track. The album concludes with the punchy ‘Aftershock’ and hypnotic ‘Into the Black.’

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown‘s self-titled album brings what other’s can’t. They mix quality musicianship, melody and genuine forte for good ol’ rock-n-roll and blues. They know their music, influences and use them well. In the age of all kinds of pop, its nice to know when an artist can be everything in all – rock.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown ‘s self-titled album is out now

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