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Twin Shadow enlists pop acts such as HAIM and Rainsford to bring this album together
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If you’re looking for the perfect album for driving alone at midnight on a highway while thinking you’re in a scene from the 2011 crime film ‘Drive’, Twin Shadow’s new album should be the soundtrack to that drive. Synthpop American-Dominican singer Twin Shadow reemerges back onto the music scene with his chillwave inspired album titled, ‘Caer’. It’s been three years since Twin Shadow’s intense ‘Eclipse’ album showing the effort put into this new album. Twin Shadow bares it all on this dark dreamy pop album. ‘Caer’ in Spanish means “to fall”, which describes the theme of the album overall – backed by 80s pop sounds that mirrors bands like Duran Duran, The Cure, and the early U2.

Twin Shadow enlists pop acts such as HAIM and Rainsford to bring this album together. ‘Caer’ focuses on a tragic bus crash accident that involved having to get reconstruction surgery on his hand. The album talks about his trails, fears and the aftermath left from that tragic day. The artist took some time away from music briefly to rehab his fingers. But after only three weeks, Twin Shadow was back to doing what he does best – ‘Caer’ shows some of his best work to date.

‘Caer’ is backed by its debut lead single, ‘Saturday’. Accompanied by pop sister trio HAIM, the track brings the listener back to what many consider the golden ages of music, the 80s. ‘Saturday’ sounds like it missed the final cut for the Breakfast Club soundtrack. HAIM bring in their trademark happy poppy vocals to make the listener feel like confessing to their long-lost love with a boombox.

Another standout song from the album comes in the form of a Tom Petty-inspired track, ‘Brace’. With the help of singer-songwriter Rainsford’s vocals, the two manage to create a unique sound that the late Tom Petty would certainly approve of. The song’s overall theme is a love letter to Tom Petty showcased in the chorus and drums. ‘Brace’ has that Twin Shadow sound that echoes the 2010 ‘Forget’ album.

The second half of the album doesn’t really hold its own against the first as it seems to lose the power and raw emotion displayed in the first few songs. Twin Shadow trades in 80s soulful vibes for lackluster deep haunting sounds that don’t have the appeal of the aforementioned tracks.

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‘Caer’ is available now via Reprise Records. The tracklist is as follows

  1. Brace (feat. Rainsford)
  2. Saturdays (feat. HAIM)
  3. Sympathy (feat. Rainsford)
  4. 18 Years
  5. Little Women
  6. When You’re Wrong
  7. Twins Theme (Interlude)
  8. Littlest Things
  9. Too Many Colors
  10. Rust (interlude)
  11. Obvious People
  12. Runaway
  13. Bombs Away (RLP)