With the three albums preceding ‘GLA’ there was always something of an expectation of similarity. Twin Atlantic have made sure this is not the case for their new LP. They’ve broken the mould of ‘reserved’ pop-rock and have returned with a more brutal and hard-hitting sound.

It’s a collection overflowing with short catchy hooks, powerful vocals and raw instrumental work. ‘Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator’ sets the tone of the album. Hard-hitting riffs, loud and powerful vocals with an almost cinematic sound throughout.

‘GLA’ encapsulates exactly what Twin Atlantic should be about. Heart and emotion are an obvious pattern throughout the album, from the first to the final track. The variety within the album initially seems questionable and yet it’s what makes it so impressive. Midway through the album there’s a clear development and songs like ‘Valhalla’ provide a softer component to proceedings – and yet they rarely seem out of place. There’s also an almost groovier side to ‘GLA’, with a soulful feel to Sam McTrusty’s vocals which as a result causes a reconsideration of what genre Twin Atlantic fall into. This album proves that in this day and age sticking to an expected formula is not important, and often makes for a more honest piece of work.

On such a diverse album Twin Atlantic have managed to maintain what it is that works for them; they’ve created a collection of songs that at times cross genres but still has their stamp all over them . ‘GLA’ is their most honest yet fierce release yet with few elements that disappoint.

‘GLA’ is out now via Red Bull Records

Twin Atlantic 'GLA' - ALBUM REVIEW

Twin Atlantic ‘GLA’

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