This TÜLIPS article was written by Fraisia Dunn, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Gavin Wells

TÜLIPS are a Los Angeles based band who have inserted themselves into the mould of Riot Grrl bands, à la Bikini Kill. They are sassy, Guitar driven, loud and unafraid of putting themselves in the spotlight. They call their music Riot Punk, a portmanteau of Riot Gaze and shoegaze. They certainly have the raw edge and lo-fi sound down, and there are some lovely doo-wap moments.

Their debut album is good fun; both singers are also Guitarists with Angie Bloom being more into doo wap and Taleen Kali championing Grunge and noise. Their AA side, released in 2014 as a cassingle, ‘Hotspur’ and ‘Wait’ are the second and third tracks on this short punchy album and these are the hotspots on the album- the vocals are full of pep and spark. Miles Marisco on Bass and Travis Moore on Drums back up the smooth vocals with plenty of energy and raw noise. The two girls, both lead singers, take it in turns to front the band in these two tunes. ‘Hotspur’, featuring Taleen Kali on lead vocals has a snappy introduction that is like a time capsule of the early nineties, hand clapping included. This song, about a spurned lover apparently inspired by Henry IV, is fun, upbeat and full of vitriol. ‘Wait’ is fronted by Angie Bloom with vocals reminiscent of a young Gwen Stefani in ‘No Doubt’, it is sassy and punkie.

This is a firecracker of an album; the ten tracks come in at just under 27 minutes. It does have parts that sound like they were bussed in straight from the ‘90s, but the treatment is full and inventive. The Percussion is great with plenty of Cowbell. The last track ‘Hopefully, Hopefully’ has a really pleasing rhythm; the pace that the vocals fit with the instrumentation is pleasantly moving through treacle, slightly slow-motion, but in a really great way.

This is not a faultless album, at points it almost seems as if TÜLIPS are a parody of the original Riot Grrls, but with time they may grow and find more of themselves. The recording is lo-fi, but that is a decision on their part- they released their first record as a cassingle, so respect to their integrity, this album does sound like it was recorded straight up in a large echoey room. Watch this space, the band feels like it could deliver some really exciting pumped shows and sounds in the future.

‘Doom & Bloom’ is out now via Lolipop Records & Love You Just Recs