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Triggerfinger ‘Colossus’

Some 80's hair band rock, a little indie and some, where did this come from, is the style of sound Triggerfinger share on their new album
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Belgian rock trio Triggerfinger have announced their new studio album “Colossus”, which will be released August 25th via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group. A little edgy, a lot of rock, however quite multifarious in the genre of rock music overall. Some 80’s hair band rock, a little indie and some, where did this come from, is the style of sound Triggerfinger share on their new album.

The ubiquitous range of sound on the new album can be attributed to the band’s current musical influences. Triggerfinger has said that artists such as George Harrison, Iggy Pop, Pixies, David Bowie and Happy Mondays have had a great prominence in making “Colossus”. Their influences definitely shine through when listening to the album. The music is a little edgy, with retro rock sound. Throughout the album, there are heavy electric and acoustic guitar presences that definitely take lead on the sound.

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The album starts with Colossus. A little reminiscent of sounds from an AC/DC track with electric guitar riffs and the chanting of “Colossus”, “Colossus” . The lead singer Ruben Block has a very unique vocal range. In this song it is analogous to Brian Johnson, lead singer from AC/DC and Whitesnake’s lead, David Coverdale. It is undoubtedly a rock sound, however a varied mix of old rock, mixed with new indie alternative.

Not an indie sounding song, in fact a pretty heavy rock one and undoubtedly the star of the album, is the track Candy Killer. Sure to be a number one hit, this is a song that doesn’t only have a catchy hook that dubs as the title of the song, however its musical composition sets it apart from the rest of the album. Synthesized keyboards mixed in with electric guitars, and the sheer full octave range of Rueben Block’s vocals, it is surely the keystone song on the album.

To take it down a notch, Triggerfinger slows it down with the song, Afterglow . The song begins with softly sung lyrics and an acoustic guitar. Hints of electric guitar riffs join in the background. Although they are ever so discreet until towards the end. At the end, an electric guitar solo to finish with a finale. Afterglow is a sweet sounding, ballad track, which is the only true one of its kind on the complete album.

If you appreciate eclectic sounds, then Wollensack Walk, will be your tune. The song starts the first two minutes with only instrumentals. The instrumentals end, and a completely new song begins in the middle of the track. The second song is even a different genre of sound than the first. In fact, it is more of a bluegrass sounding base (mind you, there are not any songs that sound like this genre of music on the whole album). If indie music and bluegrass were ever to intertwine, it could be a new genre of music, and this is where Wollensack Walk would fit in.

As described on their Facebook page, Triggerfinger said “After four studio albums and the massive touring that came with it, it was time for a change. While writing “Colossus”, Triggerfinger wanted to add a few new flavors to the mix.” The band definitely hit the nail on the head with this and their sound proves just that.