Throwing Snow 'Embers'

Throwing Snow ‘Embers’

Using the laws that define our world and lives as to create music that encapsulates that concept is no small feat, but one that Ross Tones can say he has accomplished in style.
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Hailing from the stunning North Pennines, Ross Tones AKA Throwing Snow is releasing his new album, ‘Embers’ via Houndstooth Records on the 20th January. A cleverly crafted amalgamation of a wide array of genres, ‘Embers’ is an auditory masterpiece.

Our complex world arises from fundamental laws. These laws constantly sculpt and shape our surroundings through repeating cycles, forever moving forward. Cycles interact with each other, endlessly morphing an interconnected landscape. Viewed over longer periods of time seemingly static objects like mountains ebb and flow like water, and yet over the same time frame countless lives appear like waves oscillating in a blink of an eye.

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Everything about this album exudes a profound sense of understanding ourselves and the world around us. It’s simple to see (or hear) how his surroundings have become part of the music. There is a wild unpredictability yet reliably stunning atmosphere in the wilderness of the north perfectly encapsulated within 14 tracks

Around an hour long, ‘Embers’ begins with ‘Cantors Dust 1&2’. Perfectly representing the visual concept of Cantors Dust (an actual scientific thing, by the way, for the rest of us non-astrophysicists) and translating those fundamental laws into sound, ‘Cantors Dust 1&2’ leads us in with the sound of a fire crackling away. Or perhaps the embers of a fire. From this point, the entire album flows flawlessly. Allowing you to experience the binaural recording and signature heavy synth present throughout without any breaks.

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Imaginatively layered, the first two tracks develop with more complex melodies and the sound of bird song into track three. Introduced with the sound of rumbling thunder, the moody and atmospheric vibe is set. Due to brilliant mixing, ‘Helical’ literally whirls around you with faster beats, ambient melodies and prominent bass.

‘Allegory’ is chock full of powerful synth chords, swelling binaural beats and even has a moment of psychedelic synth. Dropping into a heavier, bassy feel for ‘Ruins’; high, delicate melodies create a haunting effect throughout.

Consistently retaining the style yet giving each track its own unique personality only becomes more evident through the rest of the album.

‘Klaxon’ stands out with a dramatic rumbling blast of bass that instantly draws your attention. Light playful synth entwines with the beat that gives a tribal feel. ‘Recursion’ proves itself to be an engaging track with a repetitive synth motif and an evolving drum beat. The sound of fire crackling introduced at the very start is brought in again during ‘Pattern Forming’ and ‘Cosms’ along with the delightful addition of birdsong.

‘Prism part 1&2’ add a different side to ‘Embers’, unpredictable beats and the overall electronic groove brings a delicious variety and only further demonstrates Ross Tones capability as an artist.

‘Tesseract’ brings the album to an end beautifully. Incorporating a mix of everything introduced over the past hour, brilliant synth riffs and thrumming bass – creating a track as complex as a tesseract is intricate. Linking back to ‘Cantor’s Dust’ by ending with more embers crackling completes the journey that is Throwing Snow’s newest album.

Everything from the specific composition and layered music to the album cover stays true to the concept of the album. Using the laws that define our world and lives as to create music that encapsulates that concept is no small feat, but one that Ross Tones can say he has accomplished in style.

‘Embers’ will be released on January 20 2017 via Houndstooth Label.

Throwing Snow 'Embers'

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