This Dirty Nil article was written by Ben Kendall, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse.

Reading album articles in 2016, your mind has most likely programmed you to brace yourself for an influx of a thousand mentions of genres in which the album is claimed to span from – and to tense your face and turn to one side as you’re about to be hit with another thousand of artsy aspects of the album, only to confuse and frustrate you to the point where you dramatically give up and take your own music life.

But lucky for you, you’re reading an article on The Dirty Nil. The three-piece band from Hamilton, Canada are the epitome of no-nonsense, claiming only to play music falling under the grand name of ‘rock and roll’. The band have been shamelessly categorized by music critics as punk, garage, noise and the list goes on… However The Dirty Nil have constantly, firmly stated that they only play rock and roll music, and that they don’t pay attention to the unclear, black and white definitions of genres, also stating that their main influences derive from classic rock bands.

‘Higher Power’ is the band’s first full-length release, but the band quickly gained a large following of devoted fans through a set of 7-inch releases, their reputation of being a reckless and destructive force at their live shows, and being the self-proclaimed, perfect go-to band for house parties and dive bars alike.

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‘Higher Power’ has nothing fans of The Dirty Nil won’t be familiar with – guitars with distortion and volume viciously tuned up to its breaking point, vigorously pummelled drumming and the frantic but melodic screams of frontman Luke Bentham. However, anyone to state this as even slightly a bad thing would have a lot of nerve to do so.

The Dirty Nil pull off what few bands truly can in their audio realm – manifesting a sound so unrestrained and psychotic in its nature, but maintaining the skill needed as musicians to produce an exceptionally satisfying sound, as opposed to one of pure noise and aimlessness which not even the rowdiest punk rockers will enjoy that much.

‘Higher Power’ is almost like the embodiment of the true ‘rock and roll spirit’. Led by the impulsive, cathartic releases of Bentham, as he ignites the chaos that the record is shrouded in, ‘Higher Power’ is completely audacious and careless towards any standards or labels people may believe they should abide by. The Dirty Nil show off without even trying to, showcasing daring carnage through odd musical skill, the band clearly know what they’re all about, they know they do it well, and they don’t care what anyone thinks about them or their music.

‘Higher Power’s straight-forward, powerful riff-rock guitars, pleasantly harsh feedback squeals and the immense amount of spontaneous energy is sure to attract any fan of stripped-down, dirty rock and roll. The Dirty Nil have authorized themselves as artists, worthy of the name and praise, but also remaining a deadly undisciplined force, worthy of true rock and roll disciples.

‘Higher Power’ is out on the 26th February 2016 via Dine Alone Records.

The Dirty Nil 'Higher Power' - ALBUM REVIEW

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