The Cinematic Orchestra 'To Believe'
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There's been a legacy to live up to. But the wait was worth it. 'To Believe' is the soundtrack to our lives that we didn't know we needed

It’s been a while in the making. The fourth album of The Cinematic Orchestra is finally here. A long-awaited announcement. Over a decade has passed since the release of ‘Ma Fleur’, and the title track of new album ‘To Believe’ was released nearly three years ago.

The new album, in their own words, ‘explores a timeless question of vital importance in 2019 – what to believe?’

Suddenly, three years feels an awful long time ago.

‘To Believe’ is the salutation of the quiet observer in these sombre times. ‘Are you able to find your ground? Other people falling down…’. It swaps flamboyent atmospheric swells for downtempo patterns and throbs.

Don’t come here expecting climatic builds and dynamic versatility; it’s a communication of notes, minimalist, less a heartbreak and more a heartbeat.

Vocalists often are a distracting influence in this experimental arena, either overbearing or an afterthought. But the guest performers, renowned hip-hop and contemporary soul artists, weave in innoucously as instruments in their own right.

There’s been a legacy to live up to. But the wait was worth it. ‘To Believe’ is the soundtrack to our lives that we didn’t know we needed.

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