Teyana Taylor ‘K.T.S.E’

Teyana Taylor
With West's production skills at the helm, 'K.T.S.E' is a bold follow up to Taylor's debut VII. With sultry lyrics, smooth RnB and Taylor's incredible vocals, 'Keep the Same Energy' is sure to ignite a fire in many, by serving distinct RnB and more.
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In a string of Kanye West produced Albums, K.T.S.E finally arrives after delays and stalls without disappointing, instead, exceeding all expectations. Serving as Taylor’s sophomore album, after her debut back in 2014 titled VII, ‘K.T.S.E’ doesn’t disappoint. 

Born in Harlem, Taylor is no stranger to the spotlight having been a dancer, model and actress for a few years now, as well as her current occupation as a songwriter/recording artist.

With her tough attitude, confident demeanour and raw and honest lyrics, Taylor brings soul to R&B infused songs. More so in her latest record which samples the greats alongside Taylor’s diverse range and bold voice.

On the opening track of ‘K.T.S.E’ titled ‘No Manners’ Taylor gives us a track that narrates her love for her husband and how she is extremely bold and confident. With its slick production (courtesy of West himself) and Taylor’s own proclamation of love, loyalty and independence comes a track reminding us of Taylor’s bold artistry (which we saw a glimpse of through her debut).

West also makes a welcoming appearance on Teyana’s album on her track Hurry. A sexually professed song narrating the experience of sexual desire and intimacy. It is sultry, intimate and highly charismatic, with a catchy backbeat to follow as the chorus follows “Hurry Hurry…”

One of Taylor’s boldest tracks from the album, however, is 3Way, a song describing exactly that.

 It is probably 2018’s most sultry infused track since Rihanna’s S and M back in 2011. Filled with sensuality, desire and of course Taylors infectious personality, 3Way is intimately Taylor as she comes into her own addressing her own desires and so forth.

Overall K.T.S.E is unapologetically confident from an artist who has been away from the music limelight for some time. Certainly marking a turning point from Taylor’s debut, Keeping the Same Energy is exactly what it says it is, if not more. It is Taylor’s own revival as an artist and a woman, with mega-producer Kanye West assisting, who manages to stamp his signature style and producing ability onto the album itself without disappointing. After signing to West’s Def Jam imprint known as G.O.O.D Music back in 2012, Taylor has maintained a close relationship with Kanye and has gone strength to strength whether that be through reality TV, modelling or even appearing on West’s own material throughout the years. In summary, Taylor takes us back to smooth RnB and doesn’t let us blink for even one second. 

K.T.S.E is available now via G.O.O.D Music and Dej Jam Records